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Xenogears Comic Anthology

The Xenogears manga - called the "Xenogears Comic Anthology" - is a collection of short stories that take place throughout the present and future of the Xenogears timeline. Most are comical, but there are a few serious character pieces here and there, too. ^.^ This is a list of brief summaries for each story - full translations will be listed below. Scans are at the bottom of the page.

Completed translations:
#1 - Liquid Sky: Text or Scanned (by TotoroJo)
#3 - Sazae (by by TotoroJo)
#4 - Dawn's Song (by TotoroJo)
#5 - For Whom the World Will be Destroyed (by TotoroJo)
#7 - Perhaps for the Sake of Love (by TotoroJo)
#8 - The Wherabouts of Immorality (by TotoroJo)

1) Liquid Sky - Translated by TotoroJo.
Text Version: [anthology1.html]
Scanned Version: [1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8]
Sigurd leaves Solaris and returns to his home. Cast - Sigurd, Jesse, Billy, Raquel, Ramsus, and Miang. Drama. Scans provided by the Xenogears Image Archive. Franz, we love you.

2) Place to Return to, Place to Protect - Tentative title, better summary pending. Cast - Emeralda, Fei, Chuchu, and brief appearances by Sig and Bart. ^.^ Drama/comedy.

3) Sazae - Fei and Elly are trapped on that raft and starving, until Fei finds something edible. Then their true colors show. Unedited (ie: Japanese) scans included. Cast - Fei/Id, Elly. Comedy.

4) Dawn's Song - Translated by TotoroJo. The Merkava scene, in which Miang contemplates her feelings on who she is. Cast - Miang, Ramsus, and appearances by Elly, the Ex-Elements, a random girl, and Fei.

5) For Whom the World Will be Destroyed - Translated by TotoroJo. Margie happens to eat the last manjyuu, and when Fei finds out... all hell breaks loose. Fun with puns. =P We'd like to offer this with images someday, as some of the humor is definitely visual. Cast - most of the main characters.

6) Midnight Flyer - Bart recruits Billy to help him make a chiffon cake for Margie, but their search for a rare ingredient leads them on an adventure they, ah... regret. Cast - mainly... Billy, Bart, Shitan, and then Sig and Margie.

7) Perhaps for the Sake of Love - Translated by TotoroJo. Dominia decides to bake a cake for Ramsus, and the other Elements want to join in. (Presented in text for now, and possibly scans, later.)

8) The Wherabouts of Immorality - Translated by TotoroJo. Shitan contemplates Fei's destiny. Cast - Shitan, Fei, Sigurd, and Bart.

9) (Untitled) - Better summary pending. Cast - Fei, Elly, Margie, Ramsus, and Miang.

10) Sentaku no Yochi - Better summary pending. Cast - Fei, Elly, Bart, Margie, and Sigurd.

11) (Untitled) - Dominia's rescue and rise to Element rank, and an ending with a twist that is... just wrong. Yaoi-tinted. Cast - Miang, Ramsus, Dominia.

12) (Untitled) - Primera is threatened by a stranger, and Billy brings him to justice by going "under cover" as... a girl! (Makes a nice looking girl too, I guess.) Cast - Bart, Billy, Sigurd, Primera, Elly, and some strange guy.

13) [-- In Summer] - Better summary pending. Cast - most important characters.

14) A series of 4 koma - Better summary pending. Cast includes a variety of characters.

15) Funeral Wind - Better summary pending. Cast - Margie, Bart, Maria, and appearances by most of the others.

Manga scans:
More scans can be found in the character shrines.
The back cover of the Anthology.
Emeralda from the back cover flap.
Manga #2: Emeralda. (good)
Manga #7: Kelvena and Dominia. (low)
Manga #7: Dominia's dream... literally. ^.^ (low)
Manga #12: Billy in drag - you knew it had to happen. (good)
Manga #12: Elly looking... kind of evil. (low)
Manga #12: Billy and Primera. (low)
Manga #15: Bart, the insensitive jerk. ^.^ (low)
Manga #15: Emeralda... yes, three. ^.^ Fans, rejoice. (good)

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.