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Newly updated and organized. ^.^ Unfortunately, we've had to remove some links due to either the death of the sites, moves we were not informed of, and so on... so the list is a bit small. We are not accepting new affiliates at this time, but if you would like to exchange links, drop us a line. Guardian Angels is link-free.

Staff Sites

My (Amber Michelle) personal page. It contains every bit of fiction or artwork I decide to put online, good or bad, and since I've stopped sending my artwork and fics to other sites for the most part, a lot of it is exclusive. Oh yay.

Divine Seal
My Valkyrie Profile website, and also home to the archive for the Illusion of Memory IF. It's similar to GA in content, but still in progress.

Wanderer of Time
Azusa Kuraino's personal website. It contains a lot of writing, rants, and even some art here and there. ^.^ It's also home to the "Krelian for President" mini campaign!

Perfect Zero
Rune Grey's personal home page. Finally. ^.^ I had to badger him for two years, but he finally got it up... and it's definitely worth a visit. It contains all of his writing, some artwork, rants and thoughts, and lots of character shrines.

This is also a long-awaited site for me, personally. ^.^ Here Calis stores all of her artwork and writing, among other things, and she really has some good stuff, so this is a must-visit site!

Official Sites

Monolithsoft's official site. For those of you who don't know, this is the company that gathered most of the Xenogears staff after they left Square, and Xenosaga is first on their list of games to publish. It's a good place to go for information about the company.

Square Co. Ltd.
This should be self-explanatory - it's Squaresoft's official website, containing information on Xenogears and their other games, and it's also home to their online store and the PlayOnline website.

Soraya Saga's official website - also known as Clio Saga, one of the character designers for Xenogears and now Xenosaga. Her art is beautifully drawn and well worth checking out if you aren't familiar with it. She has translated most of her site into English (as well as the original Japanese) for ease of navigation, so don't be afraid to look. ^.^

Fiction/Art Sites

Deus Ex Machina
Homepage to Arcana's Xenogears Interactive Fiction list, which Azusa, Rune, and I are a part of. But the site also contains a huge fanfic archive, a fan art archive, fan music, allusions and notes on the game, and many more interesting things to look at, all aside from the extensive IF archives and such. Take your time. ^.^

Xenogears MUSH
Webpage and general reference for the Xenogears MUSH, which I was a part of... before it was a MUSH. ^.^ It contains all the information and tips you need to join, create a storyline, and figure out what's going on. It's a great place to role-play and meet new people. ^.^

CG Shrines
An extensive archive of anime and game fan art from across the Net - it's all about the girls. ^.^ They have three Xenogears shrines - Elly, Emeralda, and Miang - and if you're fans of the characters, you should have a blast going through all of the scans and artwork the maintainer has gathered.

General Xenogears Sites

Square Haven: Xenogears
A general gaming site with Xenogears-specific pages, reviews, and media.

A general Xenogears-Xenosaga site with character profiles, artbook scans, and storyline information.

An Eye for the Infinite
A site dedicated to retranslating certain parts of the game and offering a different perspective on what they mean. Includes the original Japanese text and guides to what the webmistress has changed. It's very easy to spend a lot of time here.

A very thorough site dedicated to Xenogears and Xenosaga - in French. Idaho (the maintainer) has been a member of various message boad communities for awhile, and I think it's about time I link to him, ne? ^.^

Xenogears: God and Mind
A good general site wtih a nice design, complete with script, fan art and fics, novelizations, and guides to the game.

The Nisan Sanctuary
My old web host for GA. ^.^ Once again open thanks to TC's kind generosity, this site has information on just about anything you could want, ranging from general to very detailed. Things are still incomplete, but it's the best archive of the Xenogears fan community to date, and it's a wonderful reminder of the golden days of Xeno sites and their fans.

The Xenogears Image Archive
The XIA is the best image archive I can think of. ^.^ Franz has supplied us with nice, quality scans of not only the Perfect Works, but also a few doujinshi and, later on, the official Xenogears Comic Anthology. A big collection of fan art rounds out this awesome archive.

Xenogears Linking Works
This is a wonderful page for anyone trying to find a specific site. Have you ever searched and searched for something you remembered seeing, but you can't remembe the name? Well, Kamitra has put a lot of work into gathering a directory of both English and Japanese sites to Xenogears and its characters, and it's all set up in very neat categories for searching convenience. Definitely a must-see site. Her work is much appreciated, and continued now by the new maintainer, Vanessa.

Communities, Collectives, and Fanlistings

Project Xeno
A Webring that welcomes both Xenogears and Xenosaga sites.

Star of Tears
A shrine collective that is still open for membership. Currently supports shrines for Elly, Fei, Bart, Shitan, Billy, and Sigurd.

Alpha and Omega: The Xenogears Fanlisting
A more general - and therefore more approachable, I think - fanlisting for Xenogears fans. It also offers a small collection of Perfect Works scans.

Advent: Xenogears&Xenosaga
A Livejournal community dedicated to conversation about both Xenogears and Xenosaga.

Xeno Icons
Another Livejournal community, made for the display of LJ icons and the occasional banner.

General RPG Sites

Suikoden: Pro Patria Mori
An Interactive Fiction project run by Arcana, based on Suikoden III. Post and character archives, as well as discussion on the message board, make this a great site to visit even if you're not a member.

The site born from the GIA's ashes - nice look, nice staff, nice coverage. Take a look and support their fan sections!

They've got quite a nice archive of reviews, images and media, and fan stuff. Xenogears, Xenosaga, and any other game you might like.

Frankly, this place is just one huge archive. I'm not fond of their coverage, but they have quite a lot of news and media on a wide range of games, and their Xenogears section is no exception. However, I would suggest journeying here for the fanfics and art, rather than the information.

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.