Liquid Sky




<Enemy craft, enemy craft, enemy craft>


Voice:              Synchronisation supplementor concentration in the blood has passed the safety limit.

                        Fusion value rising sharply.

                        Danger of cell destruction by free radicals.


Voice2:            Lets continue the metabolic shielding. I don’t care if it becomes impossible to regenerate.


<Enemy of one face>


                        After all, it’s only an experimental creature.         

                        [Translators note: The katakana by the kanji for “experimental creature” spells “Ramuzu”]                     




Jesse:               Sigurd?


Sigurd:              ...Sorry. I was spacing out.


Jesse:               Now that the time has come, are you finding there’s still something tying you to this job?

                        Your family is in crisis. This is no time to be having second thoughts. You need to go back, and quickly.


Sigurd:              Something tying me...?





Sigurd:              What? The preparations are all in your head?


Jesse:               Yes.

You’ll pass through the gate among the workers on the harvest ship. After that you’ll have to secure a means of transportation on your own.

Aveh wasn’t it... you’ll be able to slip off at Aquavey...


Sigurd:              You’re sounding just like Hyuuga.


Jesse:               What?!


Sigurd:              The harvest ship...


                        I guess it’ll be harvesting more earth dwellers after I get off...


Jesse:               You’re going back to help change all that.

                        You’ll be doing your part there, and Hyuuga will be doing his here.


p. 14


Raquel: Sigurd-kun.

                        This is Drive suppressor. Theres 6 months worth.

The withdrawal symptoms will probably be pretty tough for a while, so...


Sigurd:              Thank you Raquel-sempai.

                        Goodbye Billy.


                        I’ll come to see my “little brother” sometime, I promise.




Billy:                 ... You can have this.


Sigurd:              For Bart? He’ll be really happy.


There’s something I want you to give to Kahr –

... Actually, don’t worry about it.            


Jesse:               Don’t go dying on me!


Sigurd:              You too Sempai.


Kahr:                <Traitor!>


Sigurd:              <We’ve hurt each other enough Kahr>


                        But anyway...

I know we’re way too old for this kind of thing, but I wanted to give you this picture book for a parting gift...


                        What am I doing...?


Answerphone: Hi! This is Sigurd.

                        If you’re looking for a guy called Kahr he had to go to the ER with a bad stomach, so he can’t come to the phone right now.

This is Hyuuga. It’s thought that he’ll be in intensive care for some time, so please leave a message!


<note>             <joke answerphone message!>




Sigurd:              Kahr.

I’ve left something I want to give to you in a locker in front of the Esagira mint building.

The key code is siguru shigeru isu kyuufu rado degu, then dial 6 to the right.


                        Pick it up whenever you feel like it.

                        ... Bye.


Miang:              Someone left some trash...


Kahr:                Miang, did someone leave a message?


Miang:              No, it was nothing.



<Phone:>            <Message Deleted>


p. 18


Guard:              Who goes there!?

                        Silver hair and violet eyes...




<Sigurd:>            <Seeing it again, without a doubt it’s the same sky>

                        <Even if I close my eyes. It’s the sky inside my heart>


Sigurd:              It’s been a long time uncle.

I’d like to request private soldiers and the abandoned mine for the rescue of the prince!





Translation notes.


Just a couple of things I wanted to say...


1) When Sigurd says the line I translated as “we’ve hurt each other enough Kahr”, more literally what he said was “I was hurt plenty (?) too” (ore mo kekkou kizutsuitazou, Kahr). Me and a Japanese friend spent a long time talking about this one line. It seemed to her at least that the exact choice of words was really important and conveyed a feeling of bittersweet regret and nostalgia for their relationship. I was going to put it simply as “You hurt me too, Kahr”, but it didn’t capture that feeling at all. “We’ve hurt each other enough, Kahr” was the best I could do.


2) That part of the title at the beginning – “Enemy of one face”. By face it means “surface” or “side”, like the face of a coin. I guess it could also mean “aspect”.