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World History

The history of Xenogears is arguably the best part of the game. It makes the story, and it gives the characters purpose. But 15,000 years is a long time to cover in a game, and inevitably, there will be loose ends, and questions unanswered. This section is here to help with that; I hope it will make the plot easier to understand, and answer all of those questions we were left with.

For information on translations and errors, please see the appropriate FAQ entry. Thank you.


Episode I - the era of human expansion, the discovery of Zohar, and the creation of Deus.
Episode II - the crash of the Eldridge and the birth of Miang. Cain and the Gazel, Abel and Elly.
Episode III - the era of technology and war, and the creation of Emeralda.
Episode IV - The Solaris War; Sophia, Lacan, Krelian, and the Diablos conflict.
Episode V - the war between Aveh and Kislev, Krelian's plans, and the events of the game.

Ancient History

- Nimrod (See Episode IV.)
- Zeboim (See Episode III.)

The Obscure

- Elru (See Episode V.)
- Terrane (See Maria Balthasar.)
- Dunesman's Isle


Aveh - A desert country occupying the southern half of the Ignas continent.
Kislev - An industrial country occupying the northern half of the Ignas continent.
Solaris - The Holy Empire, a city suspended in the sky.

Nisan - A small country northwest of Aveh, home of the Nisan Sect.
Shevat - A flying city that keeps to the fringes of civilization.
Aquavy - A scattered island area to the southwest, home to the Ethos Headquarters.

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.