Xenogears Comic Anthology
Chapter 3: Sazae
Translated by: TotoroJo
Edited by: Amber Michelle

Notes on the translation at the end.

Page 35
Elly: Ahh... another clear day...

Text: Shipwreck - 68th hour.

Fei: YES! Elly! Food!


Page 36
Fei: Elly! Look what I've found...!

Title: Sazae, by Nagata Kaori*

Elly: A... a sazae?! Yes! Fei, this is great!!

Fei: To think we'd find such a feast lost at sea like this!


Page 37
Elly: Lets eat tsuboyaki, Fei!

Fei: But Elly... How are we going to split it?

Elly: Fei...

Elly: You're the one who found it. You deserve to eat it...

Fei: Elly, I couldn't...!

Elly: Thank you Fei. You're so kind. ... but don't worry about me.

Elly: ... ...I'll just eat the meat and leave the guts for you. They're the most nutritious part.

Fei: What?! I can't eat GUTS!

Elly: What, you're this old and you still can't appreciate how good guts are?!

Fei: Okay Elly, then you can have them...

Elly: NO WAY!


Page 38
Fei: Fine Elly, you win. I'll eat the guts and you can have the meat.

Elly: Really?!

Fei: Yeah...

Fei: If it makes you happy, I don't mi...

Fei: Damn woman isn't even listening!

Elly: [sings] Sazae! Sazae!

Elly: Right then Fei! Let's get cooking!

Fei: Yeah...



Page 39
Elly: We're powerless...

Elly: Right now we don't even have the power to make Tsuboyaki...

Fei: Elly! You can't give up! If you give up it's over for sure!

Elly: But...

Fei: There's still a way!

Fei: RAW!!

Fei: We'll eat it raw!

Elly: Raw?! I'm too cultured and aristocratic to do something barbaric like that!

Fei: I'm starting to understand why they bullied you...

Fei: I'm going to smash the shell!

Elly: W..wait Fei! If we're going to eat it raw... what are we going to do about soy sauce?! If theres no soy sauce I....

Fei: Don't worry, Elly!


Page 40
Fei: We'll rinse it in sea water! The salt will draw out the natural flavour of the food. It's nature's best seasoning!

Elly: Wow! You're making me want to eat it too Fei!

Fei: Ha!

Fei: Guaaaaaa!

Fei: Haaaaarrrdd!!

Elly: What the hell are you doing?


Page 41
Elly: You call yourself a martial artist and you can't even break one little shell?

Fei: Owww...

Elly: You don't deserve the name!

Elly: Li Lin Jei would have been able to do it!

Fei: N... No he wouldn't!!

Elly: I can't believe this! With power like that you'll be killed in one go if we run into any strong enemies, won't you?! Owww, I'm so hungry! If we starve to death it'll be all your fault! I'll hate you for the rest of my life!

Fei: Shut up already!!

Elly: Gyaaaa!


Page 42
Id: Stupid girl...

Id: Die!!

Elly: W... W... What did you do to my sazae?!

Elly: My sazae... My feast... Waaaah...!

Text: And so their drift continues...

Tsuboyaki: fish cooked within a shell.
Sazae: a type of shellfish we couldn't find an equivilent name for. Sadly, I don't know much about shellfish.

We did our best to stay as close to the original Japanese dialog as possible. When you have me as an editor, though, that can be difficult. My part of the deal was to convert the literal meaning of the text into more natural English dialog. It's still awkward in some places, so you can see where I had trouble.

In any case, there are two uncertainties that should be pointed out.

One: I, at least, am unsure how to transcribe the author's name. It could be 'Nagata Kaori' or 'Osada Kaori,' and I've no idea which.

Two: 'Li Lin Jei' (Katakana: ri rinchui) is a reference to something neither of us recognized. This is what Google turned up, and the reference fit, so I used it.

Someday I'd like to offer scanlations. For now, the best I can do is offer the Japanese scans along with the translation. Page 35 will be scanned... soon. (Really.)

-- Amber Michelle (09/07/04)