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About Guardian Angels

For the curious, this section houses the gifts and awards we've received from our visitors, essential information like the FAQs and our contact information, and a list of the people we adore for their help over the last few years. The staff profiles have been replaced with links to our personal pages - you'll probably find out more about us that way, if you're interested. I hope you find it helpful.

The Faces Behind the Mystery

Myaru (Amber Michelle)
Webmistress.  Author, creator, and all around fixer of things on the site.  Also an artist, writer, and many other things that won't be mentioned here.

Calis Cheah
Fan Maintainer.  Handles fan ficiton, art, and other submissions, along with the maintainance of several shrines and their diaries.

Assistants and Helpers

Zachary Knoles
Graphic designer and technical person, responsible for the new format and various coding renovations.

Azusa Kuraino
Maintainer of the Ramsus diary, and general assistant to various projects on the site.  Also a frequent contributor.

Rune Grey
Maintainer of the Grahf diary, and a general assistant in our projects.  Also a frequent contributor and beta tester.

- Site FAQ
- Submissions FAQ
- Old Gallery
- Gifts and Awards

Special Thanks to......
- Calis Cheah
- The Contact
- Nutz
- Rune Grey
- Azusa Kuraino
- Queen Vera
- Salah
- Zachary Knoles
- Arcana
- Lorelai
- Roger Ostrander
- intangir
- Alicia Kang
- Keiiii
- Kouryuu
- Aki
- Cheshire Court
- ChibiAIDA
- Daisuke
- Atsuko
- Masako
- Akane
- "Sephiroth"
- Kanon Saga
- The Ygg club!

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.