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Fan Art

Welcome to the Guardian Angels fan art section! Archives are sorted by character/group and artist. The thumbnails might make these pages a bit image-heavy for people with slow connections, but hopefully loading time will be minimal. If you'd like to submit your own work, please take a look at our submission guidelines - they'll tell you everything you need to know about getting your work posted. Warnings are present where needed. Please contact the artist if you want to use their work.

Fan Art by Subject

Fei and Weltall, by RubiusThe Contact
(Fei, Id, Lacan)

Elly and Sophia, by Young WangThe Antitype
(Elly, Sophia)

Shitan, by Amber MichelleThe Uzuki Family
(Shitan, Yui)

Sigurd, by Calis CheahThe Fatima Family
(Bart, Margie, Sigurd, Roni)

Billy, by RenThe Black Family
(Billy, Jesse, Primera, the Orphanage)

Miang and Ramsus, by LilykaneMiang and Ramsus
(Miang, Ramsus)

Krelian, by Jen ZeeKrelian

Kelvena, by KeiiiiThe Elements
(Kelvena, Tolone)

Maria, by Russell PotvinThe Shevites
(Maria, Zephyr, Chu-Chu)

Emeralda, by Amber MichelleEmeralda

System Deus, by intGears
(Weltall, Seibzehn, System Deus)

The main cast, by D. KartoonGroup Pictures
(montages of three or more)

Whom the Gods Destroy illustration, by Cheshire CourtOriginals and Illustrations
(original characters and fanfic illustrations)

Xenogears 10 Themes

01. Dreaming of things long gone.
02. Not all is as it seems.
03. Only one secret among many.
04. Just like old times.
05. Unification.
06. The loss of a loved one.
07. The burden of duty.
08. Learning a new way of life.
09. Break free of destiny's chains.
10. In the eye of the beholder.

Fan Art by the Webmistresses

- Amber Michelle
- Calis Cheah

Fan Art by Artist

- Aki
- Aleandra
- Alicia Kang
- Becky Phillips
- Benjamin Craig
- Blitz Seifer
- Carrie
- CG
- Cheshire Court
- Chuei-san
- Cin
- CrazyDingo55
- D. Kartoon
- Dawn Toh
- Deanna Downyard
- Famira
- Heather
- Hero
- Holly Wilson
- Idgiebay
- Intangir
- Jake Goerdel
- Jee
- Jennifer Zee
- J. Martin
- Kamitra
- Keiiii
- Khory Liu Su-Ling
- Lex
- Lilykane
- Lorelai
- Marianne
- Megs
- Melissa Crawford
- Minmei
- Monnique
- NickelS
- Princess Artemis
- Queen Vera
- Ren
- ReynardFox
- Rubius
- Russell Potvin
- Sairobi
- Sarah Harrington
- Shana Brosh
- Shiohisa
- skyth
- Young Wang
- Zachary Knoles

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.