Dawn Song. Translated by TotoroJo and Erico.

This text comprises pages 43 to 58 of the Xenogears Comic Anthology.

(Note: I didn’t put in page numbers, but one paragraph fits with one block of text in the manga so its not hard to follow)



I long for... I long for my own freedom.


“Dawn’s Song”


Forced to keep on existing for the sake of the weapon Deus.


Never questioning, never disobeying, simply following the program written into my cells.


I am a manipulator of people. I am one who lives as a parasite preying on women.


Living merely for the reconstruction of God <Deus>


Not permitted to possess a self of my own.


Unable even to choose death.


A tool used for the self-restoration of Deus.


Changing vessels, forced to live on.


And yet, each time I awakened, as I took in the human emotions the vessels remembered...


I started longing to be released from this fate...


And the bonds that bind me started to waver.




The other me I was separated from


I envy thee.


I want to love and be loved, as thou loved him


Be it just once in my life, I want to feel that burning emotion...


Just as the other me burned with love for him <Ramsus>


I am empty, nothing.


No matter what it is, I just want something to fill that emptiness.


I wonder, when my part is played will I be released from this fate?


Or will the whole of me perish and be lost?


Someday I want to be reborn as myself.


Not a borrowed body, me, myself.


Now I am just awaiting my last awakening, but...


Someday, I want to become my true self.