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Fan Fiction

Welcome to the Guardian Angels fan fiction archive! Being writers ourselves, we couldn't build a site without a section like this, and we're rather proud of our collection. ^.^ Stories are sorted by genre, episode, main character, and author. If you would like to submit your own story, please take a look at our submission guidelines - they'll tell you everything you need to know about having your work posted. ^_^ Warnings are present where necessary. Please contact the authors if you wish to use their work.

Fan Fiction by Genre

Episode I: The Origin of Civilization
Episode II: Cain and Abel
Episode III: Zeboim
Episode IV: The Solaris War
Episode V: Rebellion Against God
Episode VI: The Future
Alternate Universe/Crossover

Xenogears 10 Themes

01. Dreaming of things long gone.
02. Not all is as it seems.
03. Only one secret among many.
04. Just like old times.
05. Unification.
06. The loss of a loved one.
07. The burden of duty.
08. Learning a new way of life.
09. Break free of destiny's chains.
10. In the eye of the beholder.

Fan Fiction by the Webmistresses

- Amber Michelle
- Calis Cheah

Fan Fiction by Author

- Alanna
- Alex Weitzman
- Alma Cook
- Anselmo Formolo
- Arthur Harrill
- Azusa
- Blitz Seifer
- Chad Harger
- Cheshire Court
- Deona Lindholm
- Halo
- Irwin Kwan
- Janus Calloway
- Josh Gurfinkel
- Kailyssa Lockheart
- Kefka Floyd
- Kira Valentine
- Kyle Iaret
- Kyle Tyde
- Kyra Jucovy
- LadyFox
- Laufingboy
- Lord Sauron
- Mark Coutu
- Miotis Kain
- Nicole Dorner
- OneWingedHyu
- Princess Artemis
- ReynardFox
- Roger Ostrander
- Ruaki-chan
- Rune Grey
- Saudibound
- Sharon
- Sheamon
- Steven Andrews
- T. Avery
- Thiago Franco
- vierge_18
- Yen

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.