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The Aquavy Islands

Capitol: n/a
Leadership: Ethos/Etones
Characters: Billy

The Aquavy area is a mass of scattered islands southwest of Ignas. The formation was created when Babel Tower (formerly the nose of the Eldridge) crashed into the land from orbit. Although there is no overlying form of government or civilization established there now (that we know about), it was the center of the Zeboim civilization four thousand years ago, and those ruins still draw archeologists and scavengers alike - particularly Solaris. The Thames is another such operation, and they're up for hire.

It can be speculated that the people who lived in this area before the time of the Ethos (so, before 9511) were descendants of the survivors of Zeboim, and also the source of Shevat's population.

While there isn't much sign of a government, the Ethos headquarters clearly has its fist around the people in this region. Because of the Wels infesting the islands, the Etones have become an essential tool to keep the people alive and safe, and their religion has probably become the saving grace people cling to for sanity. The Thames is an independant settlement of a sort, and they aren't under the Ethos's boot, but they still work for the organization (and therefore for Solaris) once in a while.

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