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Episode Five

9698: First Invasion of Shevat
9701: Second Invasion of Shevat
9715: Aveh-Kislev War starts
9965: Jesiah is born
9969: Rico is born
9970: Shitan and Sigurd are born
9975: 0808191 Ramses is created
9981: Fei and Elly are born.
----- Bart is born.
9983: Margie and Billy are born
----- Sigurd is taken to Solaris
9985: Ramsus is thrown away
9986: Maria is born
----- Elements are created
9987: Shakhan's coup
9992: Third Invasion of Shevat
----- Primera is born.
9996: Purging of Elru
----- Fei arrives in Lahan
9998: Elly overreacts to Drive
----- Billy becomes an Etone
9999: The game starts.

* Dashes indicate an event took place the same year as the one above it.
The Ignas War

A few hundred years after Sophia's death and the formation of present-day nations and organizations (Aveh, Kislev, Ethos, etc.), the world was locked in an uneasy peace as it regenerated from the Diablos conflict. Krelian instigated two invasions to Shevat, probably to force Limiters down their throats if he hadn't already, and the war between Aveh and Kislev started. The reasons for this war are unknown, but it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine it was Solaris's doing, or at least in their best interest. A house divided cannot stand, et cetera.

Gears and other technology were eventually excavated by Kislev, and they gained an edge in the war, though Aveh had its own share of wreckage from the forgotten war with Solaris. The Ethos wormed its way into these places under the pretense of preserving and repairing ancient artifacts, and acted as a neutral party between the two warring nations. Nisan seems to have been left out of things despite their alliance with Aveh, but Kislev still viewed them as a threat. (I don't know why, but the Kaiser's conversation with his lackeys on disc one proves it. Silly man.)

The New Generation

The births of Jesiah and Rico mark the beginning of the end for Solaris, and Fei and Elly hearald the fruition of Krelian's carefully laid plans. The timeline to the side specified when each character was born, and the important events that shape what happens in the game. The stories (like the formation of the Elements, or the situation with Rico's mother) can be found in their respective profiles in the character section - repeating them here would be redundant. ^.^ Since Episode V takes place mainly in the game, it would be best to get the information from there if you can't find it in the profiles.

Noteworthy events in this era include the slaughter of most of the Fatima family by Shakhan, and the purging of Elru by Solaris and their demon. Bart, Margie, and Sigurd are the only surviving members of their family, and Dominia is the only survivor of the Elru, who were apparently wiped out because of their ability to harness emotion as raw power - or maybe because they refused to use this ability in the service of Solaris. Miang finally begins to break her programming, but her efforts are ten thousand years too late.

Sheamon wrote a nice, comprehensive summary of the game, for those of you who are interested.

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.