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Episode Three

The Prime Minister's Wife

That's actually kind of misleading, since I've no idea if Miang was married to the Prime Minister or not... but it sounded good at the time. ^.^

What we do know about this time period is that Miang was influencing the Prime Minister of Zeboim, and from her position of power, managed to orchestrate a world war that eventually led to the civilization's destruction. She could have been the First Lady - it would make sense, wouldn't it? - but in modern government, you don't need to be married to power to make it work for you. (I'm sure we all know what you might need, but since this is a public page, I'll keep my mouth shut.)

The extensive use of nuclear weapons during the conflict had a variety of destructive effects (ha, bet you hadn't guessed that) - radiation poisoning shortened the human life span to less than forty years and left many women of all ages (as it definitely affected the children too) sterile and unable to contribute to the population. Terrorist attacks were quite common, and no help was available to these people - hospitals can only keep up with so many patients, and with all of the country's taxes going toward the war effort and weapons races (the Mass Driver on disc two is a nice example), more people were dying than recovering.

The world - humanity - was unsuitable for the body of God. Whether Miang came to this decision before or after the war started doesn't really make a difference; ultimately, it was her choice to eradicate the civilization and reset humanity, so she might achieve a more favorable result.

Emeralda: Humanity's Hope

It was around this time that the government put more money into genetic research and nanotechnology, in hopes of achieving victory over both their human enemy and the radiation that was destroying nearly as much as the war itself. Research into humans was conducted - how to fix them, and how to turn them into weapons.

This is where Kim comes in. I have no idea what form it took at first, but when he learned that Elly (whom I speculate to be his wife in this incarnation) was unable to have children, his anger brought Emeralda into being. She is his "perfect" human being, and Kim had high hopes for her - made entirely out of nanomachines, she would have been uneffected by the devastation around them. But as far as I know, she never woke up, and Kim and Elly died protecting her in Zeboim's last moments.

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