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Fan Art Gallery: The Contact


by Aleandra

thumbnailFei portrait
by Famira

thumbnailFei sitting on a stool.
by Famira

thumbnailFei's ready to kick some ass!
by Idgiebay

thumbnailFei and Elly
by Marianne

thumbnailFei and Weltall
by Rubius

thumbnailFei is letting loose with his anger!
by Heather

thumbnailFei and Elly enjoy some time together
by Alicia Kang

thumbnailFei, Master of Martial Arts
by Calis Cheah

Fei and Id

thumbnailTransformation - Id
by Famira

thumbnailFei contemplating
by CG

thumbnailFei, with Weltall behind him
by CG

thumbnailId and Fei...
by Deanna Downyard

thumbnailFei is losing it!
by Zachary Knoles


thumbnailId in ink.
by Hero

thumbnailA nice looking pencil drawing of Id.
by Deanna Downyard

thumbnailA portrait of Id in CG.
by Deanna Downyard

thumbnailId, in flight ^.^
by Benjamin Craig

thumbnailId in black and white pencil
by Calis Cheah

thumbnailWho will you protect? - Id, looking strangely gentle
by Calis Cheah

thumbnailId - the demon within Fei
by Calis Cheah


thumbnail"Fate" - it's got to be Roni's expression...
by Carrie

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.