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Fan Art Gallery: The Black Family


thumbnailFun With Charcoal!
by ReynardFox

by CrazyDingo55

thumbnailGothic Billy?
by Idgiebay

thumbnailGun Holder
by Ren

thumbnailAngel Billy! ^_^
by Lorelai

thumbnailBilly's guilt
by Kamitra

thumbnailBilly Lee Black, eyes shining with concern
by Amber Michelle


thumbnailPrimera, Billy's silent sister
by Aki

thumbnailA sketch of Primera
by Keiiii

thumbnailLittle Primera
by Kamitra

Billy and Primera

thumbnail"The one i care about" - Billy and Primera
by Lorelai


thumbnailWhen Jesse met Elly!
by Zachary Knoles

The Orphanage

thumbnailBilly's orphanage sure is popular...
by Kamitra

thumbnailThe children at Billy's orphanage
by Kamitra

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.