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Fan Art Gallery: The Antitype

Elly in Uniform

thumbnailElly's Love
by J. Martin

by Jake Goerdel

thumbnailMidst of Shards
by Jee

thumbnailElly, in unusual colors...
by skyth

thumbnailElly - "Mother"
by Amber Michelle

thumbnailElly and Miang
by Jennifer Zee

thumbnailElly and Miang...
by Shiohisa

thumbnailElly's Dream...
by Chuei-san

thumbnailWhen Jesse met Elly!
by Zachary Knoles

by Alicia Kang

thumbnailFei and Elly enjoy some time together
by Alicia Kang

thumbnailElly, seven years ago
by Keiiii

thumbnailElly captures you with her eyes (Nice title Lorelai!)
by Amber Michelle

thumbnailEllie, first version
by Amber Michelle

Elly out of Uniform

thumbnailFei and Elly
by Marianne

thumbnailHellooooo Nurse!
by Amber Michelle

thumbnailElly - sketch 2
by Amber Michelle

thumbnailElly - sketch 1
by Amber Michelle

thumbnailElly, with beautiful, flowing hair
by Lorelai

thumbnailElehayym - "Sitting Pretty"
by Amber Michelle


thumbnailTheme Challenge 07: Sophia
by Aleandra

thumbnailKrelian and Sophia
by Aleandra

thumbnailEternal Love
by Aleandra

by Holly Wilson

by Khory Liu Su-Ling

thumbnailKrelian - "Shattered Dream"
by Amber Michelle

thumbnailPray - hands clasped, Sophia prays for peace
by Calis Cheah

Elly and Sophia

thumbnailReflections of Elly and Sophia...
by Young Wang

thumbnailElly: Soul Vessel
by Amber Michelle

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.