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References - Places

[Island chain in the southwest.]

Water. This was used on the cover of Liquid Sky, which features the Ex-Elements. In the game, Aquavy Area is a chain of islands on the southwest corner of the map, home to the Ethos, Babel Tower, and the Thames.

Arbot Plaza
[The great square in Etrenank.]

'Arabot is the seventh and topmost level in heaven, home to God's palace, which carries the same name. There are seven levels within, and Metatron sits on a throne before the door. The celestial archives and treasures are kept here.

In the game, Arbot Plaza is the gathering place in which Krelian gives his speech to the people of Solaris. I think the romanization was butchered twice.

[Bart's kingdom]

Ave or Av - the eleventh month in the Jewish calendar, around July or August.

[The tower used to reach Shevat.]

In the Bible, the first king of Babylon attempted to build a tower to heaven, so he might compare himself to God. He and his workers were struck down, and it is said that from this point on, in order to prevent such collaboration in the future, the people were separated for the first time by different languages. Historically, the Tower of Babel (also called "E-temen-anki") was built to simply reach the gods; Uncommon Structures, Unconventional Builders says that the word associated with it (bab-ilu, meaning "gate of god") is very close to the Hebrew word "balal" (to confuse), and thus originated the story of the 'confusion of tongues' in Biblical legend.

In the game, Babel Tower is the nose of the Eldridge, separated from the rest of the ship during the explosion to crash into the Aquavy area.

[Capitol of Aveh.]

According to Marcelle, Breidablik was the dwelling place of the Norse god Balder. In Xenogears, Bledavik is the capitol city of the country of Aveh.

Eldrige (Eldridge)
[Ship that carried the Deus System.]

"The Philidelphia Experiment"

It didn't happen to me but, on Oct 23, 1943 the Navy made the USS Eldrige disapper in the Philidelphia harbor! This became known as the Philidelphia Experiment. There were also test done in August and July. The goal of this experiment was for radar invisibility, but what they got in the final text was tellaportation. On the morning of Oct 23, 1943 the USS Eldrige was ancored in the Philidelphia harbor. The order was given to turn on the special electromagnetic generators. Suddenly a green mist appeared around the USS Eldrige and it was gone. Eleven minutes later it reappered with some of the crew sick, missing, and some even fused between metal. In those 11 minutes the USS Eldrige was sighted in Norfolk Virginia. The other 2 tests that were done earlier only made it invisible. The Navy said that this never happened but there are many witnesses to it.

Well, there are some parallels, if you look at it from the point of view of the creators of the ship. Looking back on some of what I've read from the 15,000 years ago section, I think it could work.

[Dominia's home country.]

Elul is the last (twelfth) month on the Jewish calendar, around August or September. In the game, 'Elru' (an incorrect romanization) is Dominia's homeland, which was destroyed three years before by the 'Demon of Elru'.

[Religious organization in the Aquavy area.]

In terms of persuasion, 'ethos' is one's credibility or character. In a more traditional context, the word simply conveys morals, values, ideals, et cetera. In the game, the Ethos is the religious organization created by Solaris as a front for its research.

Etemenanki (Etrenank)
[Capitol of Solaris.]

"E-temen-anki" is the name the Tower of Babel received from the people who built it, meaning "House of the Foundation of Heaven and Earth", and it was of course built to reach the heavens. In the game, Etrenank is the capitol of Solaris, the country's only city. The people of Solaris consider themselves the beginning, or foundation, of humanity, supposedly descended from the Holy Emperor Cain.

[Solaris military academy (only in Japanese version).]

Eugenics: a science that deals with the improvement of hereditary qualities in a series of generations of a race or breed, especially by social control of human mating and reproduction (Webster's Third New International Dictionary). This is an alternate reading of 'jugend,' but it seems appropriate in the context of Solaris's actions.

[Shevat's flagship.]

In the Arthurian legends, Excalibur is the sword given to King Arthur, supposedly only usable by the righteous. In the game, Excalibur (versions one and two) was Shevat's warship. Sophia crashed Excalibur I into the Merkava to save her army. If you look at the designs, the second version of the ship is shaped like a sword.

[Flying fishbowl thing (only named in Perfect Works).]

Literally "Whom God makes strong". In the Bible, this is a book written by a Prophet of the same name in the Old Testement. He was sent by god to deliver the divine word and bring the House of Israel (the twelve tribes) and its people back to the true knowledge of God. In the game, this was the Ministry's ship or carrier (termed "the fish-bowl thing" by the Captain of the Thames), which later became a part of Krelian's new Merkava. The connection between the two is in the names of the tribes of Israel.

[Location where characters were crucifed.]

This is the site of Christ's crucifixtion. In the game, Golgoda is the site where Fei, Shitan, and the others were put on display so Krelian could lure Elly into his grasp.

[Kislev war ship.]

Goliath was one of the Nephilim, a descendant of angels and men - David defeated him in the Old Testament. In the game, the Goliath is the huge airship Fei and Elly commandeer to escape Kislev.

[The main continent.]

"Ignis" means fire. It's used on the cover of Liquid Sky, which features the Ex-Elements in all their glory. ^.^ In the game, Ignas is the main continent, home of Aveh, Kislev, and Nisan.

[Solaris military academy.]

"Hitlerjugend" was the famous Hitler Youth of Nazi Germany. It was a widespread movement that supplied young men for the army and women to bear Aryan children (in a nutshell, anyway - there are obviously more details). The idea was to create the superior race, based on the blond-haired, blue-eyed ideal of perfection.

Solaris wanted to preserve the purity of the Gazel (usually pale people, with blond hair and light eyes). The true parallel, however, is in the nature of the education Solarian children received at Jugend - it was probably very similar to the real thing.

[Country north of Aveh.]

Kislev is the name of the third month on the Jewish calendar. I read that the Path of Sephirot is the origin of the name, but I don't know any details about that. In the game, Kislev is the industrial country located north of Aveh on the Ignas continent.

Merkava (Merkaba)
[Location of Deus.]

The "merkabah" is the chariot of God. (The word serves other purposes, but this is the most relevant.) In the game, this is Solaris's flagship during the Solaris War in Episode IV, and later becomes the silvery carrier of Deus - which can be construed as god's chariot, of course!

[Krelian and Sophia's home country (only in Perfect Works).]

Nimrod was a corrupt king in Abraham's time, the son of Canaan, who gained his power (invincibility) by wearing the garments that were given to Adam and Eve by the angels. He fashioned himself a god among his people, but Abraham's birth spelled his doom.

Also: "Nimrod was the king of Babylon, who started the construction of the Tower of Babel. However, he was betrayed and murdered, and his wife decided to complete the tower even greater than it was, so it thus streatched to heaven. He died because his belief in power was not great enough... he was supposedly the most peaceful of the Babylonian kings, and the tower was supposed to represent peace."

In Xenogears, Nimrod is the country that gave birth to the "Nisan sect" and also the birthplace of Krelian and Sophia. They took the sect to Nisan, where it became the national religion. I got the impression that this country fell due to corruption and civil strife. The king betrayed the Nisan church and was responsible for the death of its leaders. I don't know his reasons for this, but it parallels Nimrod's actions in the legends I know.

[Home of the Nisan religion.]

The month in spring that includes Passover -- which incidentally lasts 7 days in Israel, but 8 days anywhere else! (Or so I read.) In the game, Nisan is a small country to the northwest of Aveh on the Ignas continent.

[Sigurd's homeland - only in Perfect Works.]

The Norn are the sisters of fate in Norse mythology - Urd (the eldest, keeper of the past), Verthandi (middle sister, keeper of the present), and Skuld (the youngest sister, keeper of the future). They're similar to the Fates of Greek mythology. They spin the thread of destiny and visit every child at birth to decide whether to bestow good or bad fortune.

In the game, Norn was the province Sigurd was born in. The designs for his mother (available in his shrine) suggest a more prominent Middle-Eastern style than what we see in most of Aveh.

Shebat (Shevat)
[Flying golden saucer.]

Shevat is the fifth month on the Jewish calender, falling between January and February. In the game, Shevat is the floating city that rejected Solaris's rule.

[City in the sky.]

Solaris is mainly comprised of its capitol city, Etrenank. The name itself is a derivation of the latin word meaning "sun", and also a reference to a Russian movie of the same name. There is also a line of software bearing the name of Solaris, if you really want to get fanatical about this.

[Land mass in the northwest.]

Terra means "earth." This was used on the cover of Liquid Sky, which features the Ex-Elements. ^.^ The word "terrane" is a geological term for a slab of rock that preserves a "distinctive geologic history that is different from the surrounding areas and that is usually bounded by faults." (An explanation from this site which I could not find a name for.) In the game, the Terrane Area was a mass of land in the northwest corner of the map. Maria's family used to live there, and Merkava crashed there and spit out Deus.

[City on the sea.]

The Thames is a river in Great Britain; Tammuz is a Jewish month somewhere around July In the game, the Thames was a salvage ship that roamed the Aquavy area and took jobs from the Ethos.

[Bart's sand cruiser.]

Yggdrasil is the 'cosmic ash tree' of Norse mythology. Odin voluntarily hung himself from its branches to gain wisdom, and other legends say that branches from the tree were often used as a cure for sadness and despair. The great tree's branches reached into all of the nine worlds. In the game, the Yggdrasil is the sandcruiser inherited by the Aveh royal family from their founder, Roni Fatima; a stylized version of the nordic cross is emblazoned on the nose of the ship, and on banners and wall hangings within the interior.

Zeboiim (Zeboim)
[Ancient 4,000-year old city.]

Zeboiim is one of the cities on the plain of Sodom that were wiped off the face of the planet for sinning against God - they were all destroyed by fire. In the game, Zeboim is part of an ancient civilization that existed four thousand years before Fei's time. It was destroyed by a firey war at Miang's behest.

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.