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The Complete Xenogears Summary
By Sheamon


10,000 years ago, a ship called the Eldridge flew through space. Suddenly, a malfunction occured. No one was able to figure out what happened as the mysterious force took over the ship. The captain had no choice but to send the ship plummeting to the earth below. At the wreckage, a young blue haired girl walked out into the sunrise.


10,000 years later, a war has been raging on the continent of Ignas. It is between Aveh, the southern desert country, and Kislev, the northern mountainous country. An organization called the 'Ethos', which preserves the world's culture, has discovered giant fighting mechs called Gears. Gears have replaced man to man combat. Kislev was fighting the war when a mysterious army called Gebler, which came from the sacred empire of Solaris, arrived and helped Aveh. This greatly helped Aveh, and they took the lead.

The story starts in Lahan, a small town on the border of Aveh...


Fei Fong Wong, an 18 year old who has lived in Lahan since he was brought in by a masked man 3 years ago, paints. He goes upstairs and visits his friend Alice, who is marrying his other best friend, Timothy. Alice asks Fei to get her some camera equipment from Citan, the local doctor. Fei says he will and goes.

When Fei arrives at Citan's house, Citan shows him a mysterious music box, which shatters when Fei leaves. Citan thinks this is an omen of some kind. After dinner, Citan tells Fei that he will bring the equipment the next day. When Fei leaves, he sees a group of Gears flying towards Lahan. Fei and Citan rush to Lahan to find it under attack by a large group of Gears. Alice and Timothy are safe, but they can't find Dan, Alice's younger brother. While searching, Fei finds an empty Gear and gets in, despite Citans warnings. Citan finds Dan, which causes Timothy to reenter town. A nearby Gear shoots Timothy, killing him instantly. Fei goes crazy and beams come out of his Gear, which destroys all the Gears and the whole town.

The next day Fei finds that the survivors hate him, especially Dan. He follows Citan's advice and goes through the nearby forest. There, a young red haired woman named Elly holds him at gunpoint. Fei rescues Elly when a forest creature attacks her. The two become friends. After a mysterious dream, they head through the forest and Elly asks Fei what is wrong. Fei tells her the whole story and blames it on the enemy Gears. Elly thinks back to how she was the one who lured the Kislev Gears to Lahan when she stole a Gear from them. She calls him a coward and walks into a clearing where a Rankar attacks her. Fei rescues her, but not until Citan arrives with Weltall, the Gear. That night, Citan tells Elly to leave and she does. The next morning, Citan and Fei leave to the nearby town of Dazil to get parts for the broken Weltall.

When they arrive at Dazil, they head to the 'Ethos' workshop, which has none of the needed parts. Citan heads out to the desert to get some. Fei later heads out, but gets lost after following a couple of Gears. He sees a flying saucer like thing in the sky, and then sees a group of motorcycles. He steals one, but is caught by a couple of Gears. Citan arrives in Weltall and defeats them. Suddenly, the two hear a laugh from above a cliff...

It is a man in a black cape with a skull mask on who's name is Grahf. Grahf says that he was the one who sent the Gears to Lahan. He did it to 'awaken' Fei's power. Grahf says he needs Fei's power to 'destroy mother god'. He mentions Fei's father and leaves. After defeating a monster, Fei and Citan are captured by Aveh soldiers.

On the prison ship, Fei has a dream. Grahf, Fei's father, and a red haired man fight. Fei wakes up and talks to Citan. He is really worried about what Grahf said. After Fei goes back to sleep, Citan flashes back to a discussion with the Emporer of Solaris about 'The Time of the Gospel'.


Meanwhile, Bart, the head of a group of sand pirates, shoots a missile at the ship from his sand cruiser. Citan and Fei escape, but are confronted by the pirates. After Fei and Bart fight, they fall into a stalactite cave underground. Citan talks to his friend, the first mate on the pirate sand cruiser while the pirates search for Bart and Fei. The first mate calls Citan Hyuga. Underground, Bart and Fei have a temporary truce while they search for a way out.

They find an old man named Balthasar in a small cave. He talks to them about Gears, and tells them how to get out of the cave. After doing what he says, Balthasar fixes their gears, but finds out that Fei's gear 'is the host for the slayer of god'. He kicks Bart and Fei out, and then sends his Gear, Calamity after them when they are near the cave exit.

Bart and Fei exit the cave and get to the Yggdrasil, the sand cruiser. There they meet Sigurd, the first mate, and Maison, Bart's mentor. They head to Bart's fort, a small fort on the edge of the mountains. There, Maison talks to Citan and Fei about the situation. Bart is actually the true ruler of Aveh, but the prime minister, a man named Shakhan, killed the royal family and took over the rule. Bart was able to escape, but was reported dead. The pirates want to restore Bart to the throne, but they can't as long as Margie, the mother of Nisan, who is also Bart's cousin, is held capitive by Shakhan. Maison says that Margie was captured because she has one half of the Fatima Jasper, which tells where a great tresure is. Bart shows Fei and Citan a picture scroll of what he thinks that treasure is... A Gear.

Bart asks Fei and Citan to help rescue Margie. Citan agrees, but Fei refuses and runs off. Bart talks to him on the Yggdrasil, and tells Fei why he fights, but Fei is still reluctant. Citan and Sigurd show Bart standing alone on the hull of the Yggdrasil talking to himself. Fei goes to sleep in the resident area.

That night, 5 Gebler soldiers;Broyer, Renk, Vance, Stratski and Helmholz; break into Bart's Lair and attack. Bart, Citan and pirates fight them off, but Fei doesn't fight until one of the soldiers attacks a couple of kids. After the fight, Fei agrees to go to Bledavik, the capital of Aveh, to rescue Margie.

As soon as the three enter Bledavik, a Gebler ship arrives and lands nearby. Miang, a blue haired woman, and Ramsus, commander of Gebler, get off and talk to Shakhan. Ramsus yells at General Vanderkaum, the former commander, and then goes to the castle with Shakhan and Miang. Shakhan brings them to Margie, and tells them about the tournament being held the next day. He spies on Miang and Ramsus while they talk to Margie.

In Bledavik, Bart, Citan and Fei get a plan to rescure Margie. Fei will fight in the tournament and with the help of Citan, distract the guards while Bart rescues Margie. When Fei enters the tournament waiting area, he finds Dan, who swears he'll get revenge on Fei. Fei fights Dan in the semi-finals, and defeats him. In the finals, Fei faces a mysterious masked man named Wiseman who refuses to fight Fei. The man quickly leaves and Fei is declared the winner.

Meanwhile, Bart goes in the castle to rescue Margie. All goes fine until they are confronted by Ramsus and Miang on the way out. After the fight, Fei arrives to help Bart. Ramsus is puzzled by Fei's appearance and remembers a red haired man from his past with the same techniques as Fei. He also remembers someone saying 'Fei is my child's name'. After the fight, they run away. The group finds Elly in the Gebler quaters, and she helps them escape. Bart is reluctant to trust her, but goes along with Fei and Margie. They are able to escape with a stolen Gear. Ramsus is about to launch an attack on them, but gets contacted by Hyuga and cancels the attack.

Margie is brought back to the Yggdrasil. They head for Nisan, hometown of Margie, which is a peaceful town on the northwestern part of Aveh. Fei overhears a conversation between Citan and Sigurd. They seems to have met before, and also know Ramsus and Miang. They arrive in Nisan and Margie brings Bart, Citan and Fei to the Cathedral. She shows them a pair of one winged angels, and a picture of Sophia, founder of Nisan. Sophia looks a lot like Elly and the painting technique is similar to Fei's. Fei gets a vision when he exits the room.

Maison finds the group a room in Nisan. Inside, Sigurd tells Bart some shocking news. He and Citan are from Solaris. Solaris is seperated from the surface by a gate. Only a special device put on a ship called a 'gate keeper' can get you there. Solarians call themselves 'Abel' and surface dwellers 'Lambs'. Solarians do experiments on surface dwellers, and even on Sigurd. Citan and Sigurd also used to be good friends with Ramsus.

The group plans an attack on Aveh to reclaim the throne. One group, led by Bart will storm the castle. Another group, led by Fei and General Maitreya will hold back the groups by the Kislev border. A third group will hold back the troops near Nisan. Fei leaves with Maitreya. Citan listens in on Sigurd and Bart on the deck. It seems that Bart doesn't want to be king. In Bledavik, Ramsus has a dream about a red haired man destroying all his troops. He gets up and leaves. Miang talks to Grahf about a man she saw in the tournament, and how much he resembles him.

Everything goes fine on Fei's mission until Elly arrives along with her troops, the 5 soldiers who attacked Bart's Lair. After the 5 are defeated, Elly uses 'drive', a mind altering substance and attacks Fei. After the fight, Elly and Fei have a short conversation and Fei leaves.

Meanwhile, in Bledavik, Bart's troops are trapped by Shakhan and Miang. Thanks to Maison, they escape. At the Kislev border, Fei and his friends are able to destroy the Aveh ship Kefienzel, but then General Vanderkaum comes out in his huge Gear, Dora. Grahf arrives in his Gear and gives Vanderkaum power. Vanderkaum quickly kills all of Fei's friends.

Meanwhile, Ramsus traps the Yggdrasil and informs them on how the third party failed. Suddenly, a red Gear arrives and totally annihilates the Gebler ships. The Gear is that from Ramsus's dreams. It quickly defeats Ramsus, and he retreats with Miang. The Gear defeats Bart, and Sigurd pilots the Yggdrasil to land on it. The Gear easily lifts the Sand Cruiser and crushes it with his bare hands. Citan escapes in an escape pod. He lands near the Dora, now a pile of rubble, seemingly destroyed by the Red Gear.


Meanwhile, in Nortune, capital of Kislev, Kaiser Sigmund is told of the recent events. He rejects a soldier's idea to attack Aveh. He goes outside and is given a gatekeeper from a masked woman who arrived in a large black fishbowl shaped ship. She tells him to put Fei in the D Block prison facility. Fei finds himself in a dreamlike world. He sees a little boy watching a film projector. Another boy with messy hair tells him to leave.

Fei wakes up in D Block and is quickly brought to a man named 'The Champ' by 4 battlers. The Champ's real name is Rico, and he tells Fei that he must fight in a Baptismal Ceremony to determine his rank. Fei fights and defeats the battlers, but Rico defeats him. Fei wakes up later in the medical ward and is told by the doctor that if he ever tries to leave Nortune, the collar around his neck will explode. Fei goes to the bar and meets a bestoid man named Hammer. Hammer is a salesman who is good at getting info. Fei is approached by a woman named Rue Cohen, who asks him to join the upcoming battling tournament. Fei refuses.

A new doctor arrives at Nortune, Citan! He tells Fei about the unfortunate events that happened to Bart. Hammer tells them about the battle tournament in which Fei can win a pardon. Fei agrees to join the tournament. Meanwhile, in Solaris, the Gazel Ministry, a group of 8 men that are actually computer data discuss plans to destroy Nortune.

Fei enters the tournament, but his Gear is sabotaged on the first fight. After a few days, Rico arrives to tell Fei about how the battlers sabotaged Fei's Gear. They were all killed in the sewers, and people are blaming Fei! They go to the sewers to clear Fei's name, and kill the real culprit, a creature called Redrum. While in the sewers, Citan has another flashback of talking to the Emperor.

Fei manages to get all the way to the finals in the tournament. The night before the finals, Citan, Fei and Hammer are confronted by Wiseman, the man from the Aveh tournament. Wiseman tells Fei that he knew Fei's parents. Fei's parent's names were Khan and Karen. Karen died somehow, but Wiseman and Khan were friends in Shevat, the floating city Fei saw in the desert. Wiseman leaves.

Fei is able to win the tournament thanks to an injury that Rico received in the sewers. Meanwhile, in Solaris, Dominia, the earth elemental soldier, takes over the attack on Nortune. Elly and her troops are confused on why no one will tell them the true objectives of the mission. A large ship called the Hecht will be piloted at the Nortune power reactor, which will destroy the city.

Citan and Fei meet Kaiser Sigmund, but Rico breaks into the palace. He is somehow able to enter the Kaiser's room, but is arrested. Stier, Rico's Gear, had crashed into Sigmund's seat at the tournament, almost killing him. Rico has been ordered to be executed.

Fei, Citan and Hammer plan to break into the Nortune Gear Dock in order to get Weltall. They also plan to save Rico. They manage to get back Weltall and rescue Rico from a Rankar. Suddenly, Gelber arrives in the Hecht. Fei and Rico attack the ship while Citan and Hammer evacuate the town. After defeating the 5 Gebler soldiers, Rico and Fei confront Elly. Elly changes her mind about what she is doing when she sees the horror in Nortune. They defeat Dominia, but are unable to stop the Hecht's course. Elly is able to change it's course at the last minute, but falls unconsious right in the path of the ship. Suddenly, a giant winged Gear arrives and rescues her.

The next day, Fei, Elly, Citan and Hammer leave to go to the Goliath, a giant ship recently found by Kislev. They plan to steal it. Rico joins the party on the way out of town. At the factory, they find the Goliath and take off. Gebler was able to track the ship because of the gate keeper put on it, and Grahf arrives in his Gear. Hammer is able to shoot Grahf down, but then Bart, in the Yggdrasil 2, a submarine, shoots down the ship with a missile. The ships crash.

Grahf arrives on the Gebler ship and talks to Miang. Ramsus plans to go after the wreckage of the Goliath. Fei and Elly wake up on some wreckage in the sea. Citan, Rico and Hammer wake up on the Yggdrasil. Rico gets revenge on Bart for shooting down the Goliath.

Meanwhile, at sea, Elly and Fei are rescues by Thames, the floating city. There they meet the Captain, a walrus like demi human. Underwater, Kelvena, leader of the elements, orders Domina not to go after Elly, but she does anyway. Dominia will attack the Thames, and Elly, Fei and Bart fight it. Dominia kidnaps Elly after the fight.

On the Gebler ship, Dominia attacks Elly, but is stopped by Miang. Miang hypnotizes Elly. Elly returns to the Yggdrasil, but sabotages it. Dominia arrives again in her Gear, but is defeated. Next, Ramsus and Miang arrive, and Fei is seriously injured.


An etone named Billy arrives on the Thames with his father, Jessie, and younger sister, Primera. Billy tells Elly to bring Fei to the Ethos HQ to get treatment. They bring him there. After a conversation with a friend named Verlaine, Billy tells the group to go to the Orphanage with him. There, Billy tells the group his depressing past. His father ran away when he was little, and his mother was murdered by Wels. The Bishop came and saved Billy, so Billy has dedicated his life to the church. Jessie leaves to the Yggdrasil to talk with his good friends Citan and Sigurd. Billy has known Sigurd from before and calls him Siggy.

Suddenly, Bishop Stone arrives and asks Billy to exterminate a group of Wels on a nearby ship. 2 members of your party accompany him, and while there, they defeat a Wel called Bloody. Suddenly, a giant Wel attacks the ship, so Billy calls for his Gear, Renmazou, and it is defeated.

The group returns to the Ethos HQ to check on Fei, but when they get there they find people dead everywhere. In the basement, they find a woman from Shevat. They find a giant computer database. Among other things, they find:
1.Shakhan is still associated with the 'Ethos'.
2.The 'Ethos' is actually a sub-organization of Solaris, used to spy on lambs, and send Solaris info.
3.The 'Ethos' were planning there own little rebellion from Solaris, using technology from a place called Zeboim.

The group leaves and sees Verlaine and another Etone. Jessie arrives, and shoots the Etone, but Verlaine starts talking. He says how he and his friends were sent from Solaris to 'cleanse' the 'Ethos'. He says the priests were corrupt, and were rapists. Suddenly, Bishop Stone arrives and murders Verlaine. Stone himself was sent from Solaris as the leader of this organization. He tells Billy how the people they helped were sent to Solaris. He then escapes in his Gear, Alkanshel.

Suddenly, the Thames is attacked by a giant fishbowl shaped ship. Leading the attack is a man named Krelian. The Ministry discusses this attack and how to 'deal' with things. The party arrives at the Thames, and the captain tells them that the ship headed to a nearby excavation site. The group heads there and finds an artificial lifeform. Stone arrives, and calls it a colony of nanomachines, which Solaris must use. He leaves with it and has Tolone and Seraphita, the remaining Elements fight you. After being defeated, they run away.

The group confronts Stone on a bridge overlooking Zeboim. Meanwhile, on the Yggdrasil, Fei disappears. The red Gear appears, and the man comes out. He says his name is Id. Wiseman arrives and holds Id while the party chases after Stone. They get out just in time to see the Solaris ship leave.

Suddenly, Alkanshel attacks the Yggdrasil. Stone, who got a new body from Krelian, is given 'the power' from Grahf. A barrier surrounds Alkanshel. Stone tells Billy how he and Jessie were enemies in Solaris. Jessie stole the woman he loved, then got the position of head of Gebler, only to throw it away when he abandoned Solaris. Stone tells Billy that the Wels he has been purging have been humans all along! Jessie arrives, and uses his Gear to destroy the barrier, but at the cost of his life. Alkanshel is defeated, and Jessie is revealed to be alive. Jessie tells the party how he heard about a Gear and a girl that Solaris has been looking for. The party heads to Babel Tower to get to Shevat.


While in Babel Tower, Ramsus and Miang attack. Suddenly, Shevat attacks their ship, and they have to retreat. At the top, a girl in a giant Gear called Seibzehn attacks them. She is defeated, and entrance to Shevat is allowed. The girl introduces herself as Maria Balthasar, daughter of the Solaris scientist Nikolai, and grandaughter of Old Man Bal. She brings the party to meet the Queen of Shevat, Zephyr. Zephyr asks the party to help Shevat, and they agree. In Solaris, the Gazel Ministry decides to launch an attack on Shevat, led by Nikolai.

Fei sees Citan's wife in Solaris, and she tells him that all the survivors from Lahan were brought to Shevat. Suddenly, the gate generator is attacked, and a theft is attempted on Seibzehn! You head to the Gear Dock to find Dominia! She tells Maria about the experiments her father did and is chased away by Jessie. Suddenly, Solaris attacks, led by Achtzehn, Seibzehn's sister Gear! After saving the Gates, the pilot is revealed to be Nikolai! He turns on a Gear disruptor which stops all the Gears. Suddenly, Chu-Chu grow to an enormous size and fights him. However, Achtzehn injures her. Maria gets in Seibzehn, and Nikolai's good side come out long enough to have Achtzehn destroyed.


After the fights, Gaspar, one of the three sages of Shevat arrives, and removes part of the Limiters implanted on the heroes. The 'Limiter' is a thing put on all Lambs by Solaris. Zephyr tells you how the only way to get to Solaris is to destroy the 3 gates protecting it. Shes says one is under the Ethos HQ, but the other locations are unknown. She also tells you that Nisan has been attacked by Aveh!

You head to Nisan to find it occupied by soldiers. After defeating them, the party heads to the Maesoleum, where the villagers hid. Shakhan has mutilated the corpses of Margie's mother in order to get the Fatima Jasper, the retinas of the Fatimas. The party finds a giant base inside called Fort Jasper, Bart finds a Omnigear, Andvari. It ends up that you must use your mind to pilot an Omnigear! Suddenly, Shakhan arrives with troops! They are defeated, and Shakhan runs to the Ignas Gate Cave, which has one of the gates! When you go there, Shakhan attaches himself to the gate to drain it's power, but it doesn't work. Suddenly, Grahf arrives, and for the third time, gives Shakhan 'the power'. Shakhan is defeated though, and plummets to his death in the chasm below.

Bart is now leader of Aveh. He tells the public his father's plans of demolishing Monarchy in Aveh, and vows to sign a treaty with Kislev. That night, Maison reveals to Bart that Sigurd is Bart's half brother. From Shakhan's notes, it is found that the gates are in a triangle. Citan comes up with a plan to use Fort Jasper and the mirror on Babel Tower to destroy the 'Ethos' gate. Meanwhile in Solaris, the Gazel Ministry calls Ramsus a piece of trash.

When you arrive at Babel Tower, the Elements arrive. They are defeated, and Billy is able to destroy the gate. Using info, the third gate is revealed to be underwater. After going to the Thames, you get underwater equipment for your Gears and go there. Krelian tells the Gazel Ministry that he is sending the Nanomachine Colony, called Emeralda, to guard the gate. When you reach the gate, you find a creature name Rattan and a Gear named Crescens, which is piloted by Emeralda. After defeating her, she joins your party and the gate is destroyed.


Etrenank, the capital of Solaris, appears over the Aquty islands. Maria will fire at the gate inside of Solaris, to temporarily disrupt it and allow passage. In Solaris, Citan's wife gives him a sword. Maria brings you to Solaris, and Fei,Citan,Elly,Rico,Bart,Billy,Emeralda,Chu-Chu,Jessie and Hammer split up. Citan, Elly and Fei are a team. They get split up. Fei meets a man named Samson in the 3rd class area who has a plan to get to the 2nd class area. Fei and Elly are reunited, and they go with him. Samson is killed when he goes throught the checkpoint, but Elly's ID allows you passage.

Now in the 2nd class area, Fei and Elly attend a dedication ceremony by the Emperor. Cain claims that Gebler destroyed the gates on purpose. Krelian arrives and Elly reveals to Fei that Krelian is the real leader of Solaris. Fei has a bizarre flashback about Krelian. Krelian shows holograms of everyone but Citan, who will be executed soon. Fei's bad behavior alert security, and they escape to Elly's house in the 1rst class area. Inside, Fei meets Medena, Elly's mother. Elly tells Fei that she thinks a maid was her real mother. She says by using her father's computer, they can find where their friends are being held. Suddenly, Erich, her father arrives. He lets Fei go after alerting security.

Fei meets up with Citan in the 2nd class area. They try to break into the palace through the vacuum chute, but can't. Elly arrives and tells them that her father gave her the keycard. Krelian ordered the troops to take Elly, but she ran away. Inside, they pass through numerous labs and Wels construction sites. Citan reveals to Elly and Fei that the Soylent System in Solaris, which provides food and medicine, actually uses dead humans as food for the people of Solaris. Fei has a weird vision after realizing he ate a dead person. They also find out that the memory cube info was sent to Solaris.

Eventually, the three arrive to a locked door. Citan unlocks it. He tells Fei and Elly that this place is the Emperor's life treatment research lab. The Emperor has been alive for 10,000 years. The Gazel Ministry were as old as him, but died 500 years ago in a war. They were converted to binary computer data on a device called the SOL-9000. Elly asks Citan how he knows all this, and the power goes out. Fei is trapped in a room and interegated by the Gazel Ministry. They reveal to him that Citan is actually a spy sent from Solaris by the Emperor. His real name is Hyuga Ricdeau. They plan to use their power to revive god from Mahanon, the paradice where god sleeps. They show Fei a picture of Krelian operating on Billy.

Meanwhile, Krelian has Elly on a table. He talks to her about Nanotechnology, and says she has a Urubolous ring inside of her. He leaves and Ramsus show up in a fit. He takes some kind of mental stabalizer and demands to know where Fei is. Citan interogates Fei and calls him a failure. Later, Fei is rescued by Billy and Bart. They tell Fei how Citan was on their side all along and brought them to Solaris to remove the Limiters. Citan pulls out his sword and destroys the final gate with Jessie. He meets with the Emperor one last time.

The party rescues Elly and meets at a large room. Hammer rescued Elly's parents. Erich goes to get a secure way out of Solaris. The party eventually reaches the final bridge out. Suddenly, Hammer pulls out a gun and demands to have Elly come with him. It ends up he was a spy for Krelian! Medena saves Elly, but loses here life when Hammer shoots her. Grahf and the Executioner(AKA masked woman) and demand to have Elly. Suddenly, Erich arrives in his Gear. The Executioner uses her powers to blow his Gear to smithereens. In shock from her parent's deaths, Elly starts glowing. The Executioner emits a light which paralyzes the whole group. Fei watches in terror.

Meanwhile, on the Yggdrasil, Weltall morphs into the red Gear and blasts off. Elly wakes up on Seibzehn with Citan. He tells her that Fei is in actuality, Id! The Executioner is revealed to be Miang. Id easily destroys Etrenank. He arrives on the Yggdrasil, but Elly is able to turn him back into Fei. Citan tells the party how Fei has Dissassociative Disorder, which gives him multiple personalies. He tells them about his conversation with the Emperor, who called Fei Anonelbe, and the Contact. Shevat decides to freeze Fei in carbonite so his power can be controlled. Elly breaks out with him, and is helped by the rest of the party. They leave in Weltall, since Elly's Gear is damaged. Meanwhile, Krelian gives Ramsus an Anima Relic, which changes his Gear into an Omnigear. He attacks Fei and Elly which sends them crashing to the woods below. THE END OF DISC 1


Fei has a dream about being a man named Lacan, a famous painter who painted Sophia, great mother of Nisan. Elly has a similar dream, but she is Sophia. Fei wakes up in a nanomachine reactor. He is released by a man named Taura Melchoir, who is the last Shevat sage. Elly also regains consciouness. Citan arrives and so does a Shevat agent who tells Fei how Solaris has invaded Ignas with a giant weapon called Ft. Hurricane. It has already destroyed Bledavik and is going to Nisan. Before Fei leaves, Taura gives him a bracelet that lets him control his Id impulses. Fei goes outside to find Balthasar and Emeralda. Old Man Bal has worked on Weltall, making it Weltall 2! Citan also reveals that he has gotten his Omnigear, Fenrir, from Solaris.
Elly and Emeralda head to a nearby place called the Mass Driver, which can release the Limiters on all the Lambs by using Taura's nanomachines.


Meanwhile, the Gazel Ministry sends Ramsus to get Fei. Fei easily defeats him in his new Gear. Meanwhile, Elly, Citan and Emeralda activate the Mass Driver and release the Limiters on all the surface dwellers. Bart finds out that the central district of Kislev is actually a giant Gear, the Yggdrasil 4. He uses it to destroy Ft. Hurricane before it reaches Nisan. Aveh and Kislev sign a peace agreement, and all seemed to be well...

Suddenly, people all over the earth start mutating into Wels. It ends up that Krelian had disperced a virus in the atmosphere just in case if the Limiters were broken. Using Taura's nanomachines, some mutants are able to be helped, but many instead go the the Soylent Systems, were many are cannibilized by fellow mutants. A giant weapon called the Sufal Mass is created from the Mutant's body parts. It breaks out, but is killed by your party. Elly tries to get the mutants to be peaceful with each other, and appears to be a lot like Sophia. All the Soylent Systems on the earth are destroyed. Many people believe that Elly is a reincarnation of Sophia. The Gazel Ministry is about to use the Gaetia Key, which will revive Mahanon, when the Emperor electrocutes them.


Fei and his friends search for the last remaining Anima Relics, which turn Gears into Omnigears. They find out from Zephyr that one is in an ancient civilization's ruins. They go there and find the Relic, which turn's Billy's Gear into an Omnigear. The Elements arrive, but are defeated twice. The Gazel Ministry ask Miang to murder Cain for them while Dominia eavsdrops. She tries to tell Ramsus, but he just ignores her.

Ramsus attacks Nisan. Everyone retreats to the Cathedral, but he finds them and takes Elly hostage. He demands for Fei to come out or he'll kill her. Elly is able to paralyze Ramsus and he says how he was supposed to be the world's ultimate being, until Fei came and ruined everything for him. The Gazel once again call Ramsus a piece of trash, and Miang convinces him that to become powerful, he must kill the Emperor.

The party finds the last Anima Relic in a 10,000 year old cave. It changes Rico's Gear into an Omnigear. Hammer arrives and demands to have the Gear and Elly. Hammer is defeated, and falls to his death. Elly is very upset about not being able to help Hammer. Ramsus confronts Cain and decapitates him. The Gazel Ministry uses the Gaetia Key, and Mahanon rises out of the sea. It seems to be the wreckage of a large ship called the Eldridge. Fei refuses to let Elly come, and she gets very upset. Fei goes to her room, and apologizes, They have sex(no, you don't see any of it), and Fei leaves the next morning. Elly and Margie have a discussion on the bridge overlooking Nisan.


The party heads to Mahanon and finds that it was the wreckage of a giant ship, that was piloted by humans, the humans that were our ancestors. They find a giang rotted creature in a tube called Deus, and defeat it. They go to Razeal's Tree, a giant computer in the ship. They find out that the ship housed a interplanetary weapon system called Yabeh, and Deus was the nucleus of the system. The power source is a thing called the Zohar Modifier. Suddenly, Krelian, Grahf and Miang arrive. Grahf easily defeats the party and is about to kill Fei when Krelian stops him, demanding that they use them as bait for Elly. Elly takes the Omnigear from Solaris, called Regrs, and heads to Golgoda, where the party is held. There she must fight two huge Gears, Rattan and Mugwort, who she eventually defeats after being seriously injured. Krelian goes to the Gazel Ministry, and erases their memory banks, killing them. He used them to get to Mahanon. Wiseman calls Fei a failure and leaves.


Krelian constructs an ark, and calls it Merkava. The party heads there and confront the Elements on the way. They say they don't want to fight, but want to help Ramsus. Ramsus confronts the party in there. He reveals to him the truth about his hatred of Fei. Fifteen years ago, Ramsus was constructed as an artificial contact, to be the world's most ultimate being. Karen, Fei's mother, confronted Krelian and told him that her son was the contact and thus, Ramsus was not needed. Ramsus was discarded cause of this. Ramsus is defeated, and the party continues.

Eventually, they find Elly on a crucifix with Miang and Krelian nearby. Miang attacks the party in her Omnigear, Opiomorph, and after the hardest fight in the game, is defeated. Suddenly, all the Anima Relics are absorbed into Deus. Ramsus arrives, and Miang tells him to leave, she does not need him anymore, he is just a piece of trash. Ramsus kills her, and then kills Krelian. Fei and Billy take Elly of the crucifix, but she grabs Billy's gun and shoots Fei. Her hair and eyes turn blue. Krelian gets up and reveals that he can revive his body because he is made up mostly of nanomachines. He reveals that Elly has become Miang. Miang's soul transfers to any other woman on earth when she dies. She was the mother of all humanity. When the Eldridge crashed, Persona, a life support system made Miang and she proceeded to give birth to Cain and the Gazel Ministry. The Zohar Modifier, which is the power source of all Gears on the planet, was somehow seperated and has dissappeared. Elly/Miang leaves with Krelian, and Deus escapes. Fei pursues them and disappears.


Merkava absorbs all the mutated people on earth and releases Seraph Angels which terrorize the earth. Fei is eventually found in suspended animation and is put in Carbon freezing in Shevat. Citan goes to Zephyr and she tells him about the war 500 years ago between Shevat and Solaris. Shevat made a deal with the Gazel Ministry to hand over Sophia and the entire Nisan army in exchange for Miang. The Nisan army was trapped and was about to be destroyed when Sophia piloted the ship she was on into the main Solaris cannon, destroying the whole ship and saving everyone. The army was able to escape. Lacan and Krelian, who was leader of the Nisan army, were horrified by Sophia's death and dissappeared. Lacan was rumored to search for the Legendary Power, Zohar.

While Fei is in suspended animation, the child version of Id visits him. Id tells Fei that he has created yet a fourth personality. Fei follows Id. Id shows him a flashback of 500 years ago. Lacan, Krelian, Roni and Rene sit at a fire and talk. Later, Krelian talks to his good friend Lacan about nanotechnology. Lacan paints Sophia, but the next day tells Krelian and Roni that he wants to stop. Rene and Zephyr tell the rest that they have made a deal with Solaris, and are going to the Soylent System with Sophia. Sophia is injured somehow(I don't remember) and Krelian gets very upset. Sophia talks to Lacan in the hospital. The flashback now cuts to Sophia in the Shevat ship when she crashes into the Solaris cannon. Krelian wonders how god can exist and let Sophia die. He says he will create god with his own hands and dissappears. Lacan visits Miang in her cell and she tells him to get 'power'. Lacan goes to Zohar and finds it in a snowy area.

In the present, Dan and Midori visit Fei in his cell. Suddenly, a light appears and Fei breaks out. He goes to Zohar, and the party follows. Fei talks to Id in his mind again. When the party reaches Zohar, they see the transformed Weltall and Zohar, a giant Anima Relic like rock rises out of the earth. After defeating Id, Wiseman appears. Id reveals that Wiseman is actually Khan, Fei's father!

In Fei's mind, he sees the boy watching a film strip again. Id decides to tell Fei about his childhood. He had a happy life until one day his mother changed. She brought him to a laboratory where he was experimented on often. People there tried to make Fei 'awaken', but they always perished. Fei had so much trouble that his personality split into two, a coward personality, and Id, who dealt with everything bad. Id reveals that Karen had been the host for Miang. One day Grahf came to take control of Fei, who is the perfect reincarnation of his original body. Grahf has the power to possess people's bodies, this is how he has lived so long. Id shows Fei a movie of when Fei killed his mother with his power. Fei tells Id that it was the fault of both personalities, and they become one.

Fei sees various scenes of his various incarnations. The first is of Fei and Elly being chased by Cain and the Ministry. Cain shoots a lightning bolt at Elly killing her. She tells Abel(Fei) to live and dies. Fei next sees Kim, the creator of Emeralda watching as his wife Elly is shot by Zeboim soldiers. She tells him to 'live'.Next he sees Sophia crash her ship and tell Lacan to 'live'. Fei meets a being made up of waves that calls itself the existence. It tells Fei that the first Fei, on the Eldridge, had contact with him, creating the original Elly. The Existence is trapped within Zohar, and says that Deus must be defeated so it can be released.

Suddenly, Weltall transforms into Xenogears, an ultimately powerful Gear. Fei goes into his father's Gear to talk with him, but Khan transforms into Grahf and strangles him. Grahf tells Fei that he took over the body of Khan 3 years ago. Khan's ego was occasionally able to come out as Wiseman, but Grahf had most of the control. Fei goes back into Xenogears and defeats Grahf. Grahf tells Fei that Zohar wants to destroy him. Grahf then sacrifices himself to temporarily stop Zohar.

Fei brings his friends to a crashed piece of the Eldridge, where a dead woman lies. He says this is the original mother of all humans. After giving birth to Cain and the Ministry, she gave birth to replicas of herself to be the caretakers of humanity. These were the original Miang and Elly. Due to the original Fei's contact with Zohar on the Eldridge, Fei and all his incarnations have all the memories of the former selves.

The party returns to Shevat and Taura fixes all the Omnigears. The party plans an attack on Merkava using the powerful Shevat ship, Excaliber. Using the Excaliber and the Yggdrasil 4, Merkava is destroyed. It crashes into earth, but Deus rises out of it. Deus summons a beam that destroys most of the earth. Shevat somehow crashes to the earth after this event. In the ruins, Zephyr reveals that Ramsus has decided to longer pursue Fei, and left with the Elements.


The party heads to the wreckage of Merkava and enters. After a long time, they finally reach Deus. After killing Deus, it starts emitting electricity. Citan says this power is strong enough to destroy the earth. Suddenly, Elly, who is part of Deus starts moving Deus away from the planet so it will not do this. Now Xenogears is the only Gear that works since Zohar has been destroyed. Fei and the Deus wreckage are absorbed into a giant portal once they reach space.

Fei wakes up in an area like that of where he met the Wave Existence. Elly is levitating, unconscious. Krelian shows up, he is now a wave just like the Wave Existence. He reveals to Fei that he has done this to reduce the world to what it originally was- waves. After a long conversation about humans with Krelian, a mutated woman named Urubolos shows up. She appears to be a mutated Miang. Fei kills her. Elly wakes up and tells Fei that Krelian did what he did because of his sorrow over Sophia's death. The place starts shaking and they try to escape. They are unable to, and fall through space until a portal drags them in. Fei and Elly wake up on an asteroid, and Krelian is there. He says that he will not return to earth because god is the only one who can forgive him. Fei says that's not true, but Krelian won't listen. He sends Elly and Fei back to earth, and turns into an angel. Back on earth, Fei and Elly return in Xenogears, where everyone is waiting.


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