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References - Sources

For interested parties, we have provided a partial list of the sources used for the Reference Glossary here at Guardian Angels. I guarantee the accuracy of these entries based on my research to date, but there's always more to the story than what we have here. There are many different versions of the same tales, so I encourage you to do your own reading.

I have provided ISBNs and all other necessary information to find these books on your own. There are a few bits of information I don't have, and I'll try to fix that. All contributors are listed as well.

Online Sources

Behind the Name
The title is self-explanatory.

Encyclopedia Mythica
Rather than describe this site to you, why not just go there? They have articles on hundreds of terms and names, for various mythologies and worlds of literature. It's well worth your time - I'm sorry I didn't find it sooner, rather than at the end of my recent binge of research. ^^

This is the site that finally told me what, exactly, 'terrane' is. I explored the rest briefly, but couldn't find a title. Blame my lazy nature.

Books and Papers

3 Enoch (The Hebrew Apocalypse of Enoch)
By: Rabbi Ishmael the High Priest
ISBN: n/a
This book is part of the collection of apocryphal work in The Old Testament Psuedopigrapha, which is listed below.

A Dictionary of Angels
By: Gustav Davidson
ISBN: 0-02-907052-X

All the Angels in the Bible
By: Herbert Lockyer
ISBN: 1-56563-198-6

Angels: An Endangered Species
By: Malcom Godwin
ISBN: 0-7607-2744-9

Angels A to Z
By: James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver
ISBN: 1-57859-051-5

The Babylonian Talmud
By: (various)
ISBN: n/a

Genji & Heike
By: Helen Craig McCullough (translator)
ISBN: 0804722587

Harper Collins Bible Dictionary (Revised Edition)
Editor: Paul J. Achtemeir
ISBN: 0-06-060037-3

Hippocrene Practical Dictionary
No information currently available.

The Holy Bible
By: (you've got to be kidding...)
ISBN: n/a

JPS Torah Commentary: Exodus
By: Nahum M. Sarna
ISBN: 0827603274

The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words
By: Joyce Eisenberg & Ellen Scolnic
ISBN: 0-8276-0723-7

Legends of the Jews
By: Louis Ginzberg
ISBN: 0-8018-5890-9 (volume one)
A collection of seven volumes revolving around legends associated with the Bible.

The Lore of the Old Testament
By: Joseph Gaer
ISBN: n/a

Norse Mythology
By: Arthur Cotterell
ISBN: 1-85967-998-6

The Old Testament Psuedopigrapha
By: James H. Charlesworth (ed.)
ISBN: 0-385-09630-5
This is a two volume collection of apocalyptic literature.

The Other Bible
By: Willis Barnstone (ed.)
ISBN: 0-06-250030-9

The Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light
By: Yigael Yadin (trans.)
ISBN: n/a

Uncommon Structures, Unconventional Builders
By: Alan Van Dine
ISBN: 1-57912-161-6

Webster's New World Hebrew Dictionary
No information currently available.

Xenogears: Perfect Works ~The Real Thing~
ISBN: 4-925075-32-2
This is probably the best known text in Xenogears fandom. ^^ It's the combination information/art book that covers everything in the game and beyond. It is completely in Japanese, so if you aren't at least a little educated in the use of Japanese, don't buy it for the information - buy it for the artwork. ^.^


Ahmad P. Arifin
Submissions: Hawwa, Sophia

Submissions: Andvari, Fenrir, Heimdall

Submissions: Id, Lacan, Antaeus

Berk Watkins
Submissions: Dinah

Cheshire Court
Submissions: Crescens

Chyin Yu
Submissions: Renmazuo

Dan Tanaree
Submissions: Regulus, Agnes

Submissions: Rueben

Submissions: Asher

Submissions: Eldridge

Submissions: Raodekia

Jim Edwin Eperson
Submissions: Ramsus, Rico

Lady Zoisite
Submissions: Joseph

Submissions: Brigandier

Submissions: the Ricdeau family

Submissions: Bledavik

Submissions: Marguerite

Princess Artemis
Submissions: Oroboros

Queen Vera
Submissions: Ahuras, Eugent

Rune Grey
Submissions: Nimrod

Shiva Indis
Submissions: Gaetia Key

Soraya Saga
Information: Karellen

Submissions: Fei

Tamara xy
Submissions: Grahf, Stein, Achtzehn

Wolf Hibiki
Submissions: Fatima

Information: Stier

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.