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Queen Zephyr

Queen Zephyr

Age: 522
Gender: female
Birthplace: Shevat
Occupation: Ruler of Shevat

Weapon: n/a
Gear: n/a

Zephyr, Shevat's third imperial princess, was born just before the Solaris War five hundred years ago. When she was thirteen, refugees began flooding Nisan, and the council sent her to the city as ambassador, where she stayed, pulled Nisan into Shevat's surface-dweller alliance, and joined Sophia as a symbol of opposition to Solaris.

During the subsequent war, Solaris sent the new flagship Merkava to attack Shevat, and wiped out the imperial family, leaving Zephyr the lone survivor. The Council of Elders made a deal with the Gazel Ministry without Zephyr's knowledge, which ended with Sophia's death and temporarily ceased hostilities. The survivors (Lacan, Roni, Rene, Krelian) rushed to Shevat, disbanded the Council, and with support from Roni and the three sages Zephyr was crowned queen of Shevat. She survived the Day of Collapse and rebuilt Shevat once the Diablos forces were defeated.

About a decade after the war, Krelian went to Shevat to administer longevity treatments as punishment for the Council's betrayal of Sophia's forces. Zephyr accepted this punishment for herself, though she had no knowledge of the deal between her government and the Ministry, because she felt that by doing so she could atone for their sins, and her inability to stop it.

Currently she is unmarried, has no children, and keeps abreast of world affairs via Wiseman.

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