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Vierge is a new class of gears meant only for command-class pilots. Miang's Gear was a prototype for this class, and outside of the Elements and other special gears (or omnigears), it is the only one that has such high ether induction, and the oh-so-rare Aerod system. Theoretically, only people with the ability to use this system would be given command in the first place, I guess.

Although this isn't supposed to be a specialized gear, the fact that only Miang and Elly are seen using this class of machine is interesting. ^.^

Vierge is a reference.
Pilot: Elly
Height: 15.7 sharls
Dry weight: 0.2 karn
Equipped: 4.7 karn
Sub-generator Torque: 410
Main generator Coefficient: 3.4
Battery life: 600 zeitle
Frame durability: 220
Reaction time: 1.0
Ether induction: 60
Speed (ground): 280 repsol
Speed (air): 850 repsol
Weapon: installed vulcan gun, guidance bits, rods

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