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Bishop Stone (Isaac Stein)

Bishop Stone

Age: ~34
Gender: male
Birthplace: Etrenank, Solaris

Occupation: Bishop, Gebler Commander
Gear: Alkanshel

Bishop Stone's real name is Stein. Though he appears to be a benevolent priest in the service of the Ethos organization, he is in reality a Solarian, one of Jesse's contemporaries at Jugend, and once loved Raquel. He nursed a deep resentment over her marriage to Jesse, and pursued them to the surface, where he had a group of Wels murder her.

Afterward, Stein encouraged Billy's training as an Etone and cultivated his influence with the two children, adding to Billy's resentment of his father and manipulating the boy for an eventual fall-- all to get back at Jesse. Stein is ultimately consumed by his mission to destroy his rival's family, and dies after accepting Grahf's offer of power.

There's an assumption among fans that Stein abused children in his office as Bishop, but there's no indication that he did anything like that to Billy. In fact, Billy was shocked to hear of the things going on in the church.

Although Stein is given no surname or heritage in the game, an illustration by designer Clio Saga named him 'Isaac Stein.'

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