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Skyghene resembles a bird of prey, featuring powerful, graceful wings and a long "beak" sort of appendage, all cast in gold. As part of the G-Element, it acts as the supporting frame (and the wings in the back) of the torso and upper-body portion.

It's quite obviously designed for air combat -- makes sense, since Tolone is the Element of Air, ne? It's speed is by far greater than that of the other three gears assigned to the Elements, and its attack power is second only to Bladegash. It's ether induction is about equal with the others, although Tolone herself doesn't seem to use many spells during gear combat -- she relies on her superior strength to destroy her enemies.

Defensive capabilities of Skyghene are also higher than average, as expected from a high-ranking military position such as hers. Aerods and other ether attacks do minimal damage, though strong physical attacks will hurt. Yet considering she has the highest evade rate, it't likely not a big problem for her -- until she confronts Fei & Co, that is!

This gear was, of course, granted to Tolone when she became an Element.

Pilot name: Tolone

Height: 17.7 sharls
Dry weight: 12.1 karn
Equipped: 14.2 karn

Sub-generator Torque: 380
Main generator Coefficient: 4.4
Battery life: 580 zeitle
Frame durability: 260

Reaction time: 0.9
Ether induction: 55.6
Speed (ground): 370 repsol
Speed (air): 1300 repsol
Weapon: installed vulcan gun, sonic web cannon

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