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Sigurd Harcourt Fatima


Age: 29
Gender: male
Birthplace: Norn, Aveh

Height: 191cm
Weight: 83kg
Chest: 195cm
Waist: 80cm
Clothing size: extral large
Shoe size: 29cm
Ring size: 19

Weapon: optical whip
Gear: n/a

Sigurd was born in the remote Aveh province of Norn, to Shalimar Harcourt and Edbart Fatima. He is the product of an affair between the two, and while his mother made sure he knew exactly who his family was, he was kept in Noln to protect both Sigurd and his father. It looks like he had a huge family on his mother's side. ^.^ But when he was eleven, his mother sent him to Bledavik to work in the palace, and made him promise not to reveal his identity to the king. She died after he left, but he kept his vow. Edbart seemed to know the truth, but I don't think there was time to say anything.

When he was thirteen, Sigurd was kidnapped and taken up to Solaris as a sample, presumably a representative of Norn. He and Midori are the only characters in the game with extra-sensory abilities (that we know about), and I wonder if Sigurd's empathic talent is something native to the area he grew up in. He was in the labs two years, but when he was fifteen, they handed him over to Jugend freshly brainwashed and ready to be trained. (Or maybe they brainwashed him in class - either way, they did it.)

Sigurd roomed with Hyuga during his stay at Jugend, and met Ramsus there as well. Jesiah was his sponsor, and probably an all-around bad influence on all of them. ^.^ Clio Saga's notes on Sigurd say he was a "bad boy" in school, and some of us take this to mean that he really got around with the girls - and maybe the boys, too. He pierced his navel and cut the front section out of his uniforms to show it off - what does that say to you? But he was also an honor student, and when he graduated he joined Jesiah's new group and became an Element. (Fire, specifically.)

A year later Solaris's brainwashing finally wore off, and Sigurd planned to return home. Ramsus wasn't keeping the promises Sigurd thought he had made, and it's possible he also heard about Shakhan's coup in Aveh - which would have been the final straw. Despite being an outsider with his own family in Bledavik, he was very loyal to them. He left Ramsus and the others behind, and arrived in Aveh in time to help Maison rescue Bart and Margie from Shakhan.

From that point forward, Sigurd dedicated his life to protecting Bart and Margie, teaching the young prince what he would need to know to rule. His intention was to restore Bart to the throne someday, but as you can see from the game, he's really got his work cut out for him. (Bart Missles, anyone?) He keeps his past and his identity a secret from Bart, but his loyalty is unquestionable.

(But really, isn't it obvious? Sigurd looks more like Roni than Bart does! Family resemblance goes a long way - maybe due to that tradition of marriage. Mwehheh. )

Sig and Bart both lost one eye in an accident on the Yggdrasil a few years before the game. I don't think that's particularly significant to their characterization, but it does have some significance later in the game.

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.