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Shitan Uzuki (Hyuga Ricdeau)


Age: 29
Gender: male
Birthplace: Etrenank, Solaris

Height: 182cm (6'1")
Weight: 68kg (150 lbs.)
Chest: 95cm
Waist: 75cm

Clothing size: large
Shoe size: 27cm
Ring size: 17

Weapon: katana
Gear: Heimdal, Fenrir

[updated 08.11.2011]

When the game begins, Shitan is introduced as a simple country doctor serving the town of Lahan. The townspeople love his cheerful, good-natured personality and rely on him for both medical needs and his ability to service their machinery, or come up with expensive equipment (like cameras) that the town otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. He followed Fei to Lahan three years before the game and established a presence on the mountain above town soon afterward. He lives there with his wife, Yui, and his daughter, Midori. As you get farther in the game, however, you realize there's much more to Shitan than the life he maintains in Lahan.

He was born as Hyuga Ricdeau on Solaris's Third Class level in 9970, the youngest of nine children, all boys. Some time during his childhood he studied sword technique under his grandfather, who presumably lived with them in the slave blocks, and showed amazing ability with the skill in contrast to other Solarians, who could not say the same. He demonstrated his intellectual genius at a young age also, although the source book isn't clear on how.

When he was twelve, a plague swept the third class blocks and killed his family. The experimentation going on at the Soylent Facility were the cause; Hyuga's reputation as a smart kid inspired the survivors to blame him for the plague instead, and he was ostracized until Ramsus heard about the situation and pulled strings to get Hyuga into Jugend. Once there, he shared a dorm with Sigurd, got to know Jessiah, and eventually joined an elite group called 'The Elements,' where he took the water element and served as the group's intelligence officer. Along with Kahr, Hyuga spent quite a bit of time with Jesiah and his family, and probably a lot of time partying, if Jesse's reference to painting faces on their stomachs and dancing are anything to go by.

Canon is unclear on what Hyuga did once Sigurd and Jesiah left Solaris. We know he had extraordinary skill as a weapons engineer and designed dozens of weapons for the military both before and after the departure of his friends - Wyvern, Alkanshel, Buntline, the gears used by the new Elements, Achtzehn's weapons system, and Vierge's AIRD system, as well as many others. He was promoted to the rank of Guardian Angel when he was twenty. The Perfect Works emphasizes again and again how extraordinary these accomplishments were for someone of his age, and how amazing his ability was in just about every field.

Two years after becoming a Guardian Angel, Hyuga was given command of the Third Invasion of Shevat. While he managed to decimate Shevat's army before withdrawing, he was unable to defeat the sage Gaspar in single combat, and eventually had to pull his own forces back. The battle ended in a draw. During this operation, perhaps around the time he confronted Gaspar, Hyuga also met Yui and fell for her-- hard. His history implies she played a role in his reasoning for pulling Solarian forces away from Shevat, and after the war he returned several times in secret to see her, and eventually to marry her and have a child. While visiting her, he also debated philosophy with Gaspar and became his student. Their confrontation left a deep impact on Hyuga; where before he had put all his effort into creating weapons and learning skills bent on killing, Gaspar's teachings emphasized other areas of combat, and after learning hand-to-hand technique from the sage, Hyuga asked Yui to impose an oath upon him to keep his sword technique sealed away.

Three years before the game Hyuga descended to the surface on Cain's orders and followed Fei to Lahan to supervise his recovery after the suppression of Id. He was also to keep an eye on Fei for any hint of the resurgence of Id. He took the name 'Shitan Uzuki' and established himself as an indispensible member of Lahan's community. Yui and Midori joined him. Though his wife is aware of his mission, she gives no hint as to what she thinks, and does not release Shitan from his oath until his ability with a sword becomes necessary for the completion of his mission - and his survival.

Yui Uzuki
Yui Born in Shevat, Yui learned martial arts from her grandfather, Gaspar, and married Hyuga after the Third Invasion. She is an excellent cook, and aware, even tolerant of her husband's split loyalties, perhaps because she understands that his orders come from a force in Solaris which is concerned for the survival of humanity. Yui shares her husband's fondness for Fei.

Midori Uzuki
Midori Midori is Shitan's quiet daughter, who appears not to speak at all until late in the game, though she seems to befriend many animals, chuchu-like critters, and Fei as well. She was born a telepath, and so Fei's split personality is clear as day to her, as are her father's deceptions. She rarely confides in him because of this.

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