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Primera Black

Primera Black

Age: 7
Gender: female
Birthplace: Etrenank, Solaris
Clothing size: extra small
Weapon: n/a
Gear: n/a

Primera is Billy's younger sister, aged seven, born a while after her family left Solaris. She lost the ability to speak after the shock of witnessing their mother's death. Though she may not remember specifics, as she was only three at the time, she may have internalized Billy's repeated whispers not to cry, which he said as much for her as for his own sake.

Despite these memories, Primera presents a light-hearted countenance, and readily accepts "good people," while stubbornly rejecting the bad (such as Bishop Stone, who she never warms up to). She warms up to Jesse right away, and her innocent, childish perception leads her to accept his much-changed appearance without missing a beat. The first word she utters to signal her recovery is "papa," much to Billy's chagrin. Her brother is, however, one of the most important people in Primera's life, and she loves him intensely.

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