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Original/Alpha Weltall

OR Weltall, like Krelian's gear and Sophia's, is a relic of the distant past. Its structure is similar to those others, but the age of the gear should not fool you; Original Weltall is far more powerful than even Ido's gear, until the very end. It would be a good thing if, seeing this gear on the horizon, you hightailed it out of wherever you are.... because although Grahf might bestow power upon certain individuals, chances are, you're not that lucky.

This gear stands for heavy attack power. While Grahf's ether is also in the infinite range, he rarely needs it -- his physical attacks, as you can probably tell by looking at the structure of the gear, are absolutely devastating. Every part of this gear, like on foot, is a weapon in his hands, and ether is ineffective.

During the rare battles in which you confront him with Elly, she is your only chance of survival -- for some unknown reason (unless you've finished the game, of course), he will not attack her -- not at first. Unless she's strong, or you have the "god gear", don't expect to win any battles against this gear!

Weltall is a reference.
Pilot name: Grahf

Height: 19.6 sharls
Dry weight: undefined
Equipped: undefined

Sub-generator Torque: infinite
Main generator Coefficient: 20 (or higher)
Battery life: infinite
Frame durability: undefined

Reaction time: 0.3 (or less)
Ether induction: infinite
Speed (ground): undefined
Speed (air): undefined
Weapon: hyper mode

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