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Miang's Gear (Vierge)

Miang's gear is, as you've noticed, also named Vierge. My guess is this was the first prototype, meant to be a gear with high ether amplification abilities designed for the specially talented - most notably Elly and Miang. It's usually equipped with a shield, which is also used as a weapon in desperate situations, although with the ether induction on this thing, Miang's Aerod attacks would kill anything short of Alpha Weltall in its true form.

The gear's ether generator is in the guard over the left arm -- the thrusters are in their customary position on its back. Although similar in structure to Elly's Vierge, this gear is meant soley for ether support/fighting; without a weapon, and sporting a high-powered generator in such an obvious position, Miang is actually quite vulnerable in this gear. Only the high armor class gives her any sort of advantage, defensively. Opiomorph, though..... well, that's a different story!

Pilot: Miang

Height: 16.2 sharls
Dry weight: 12.1 karn
Equipped: 17.4 karn

Sub-generator Torque: 430
Main generator Coefficient: 3.4
Battery life: 600 zeitle
Frame durability: 230

Reaction time: 0.8
Ether induction: 130
Speed (ground): 265 repsol
Speed (air): 920 repsol
Weapon: Aerods (capability/power x6 per refueling), guided shells (?), Super Aerods (capability/power x1 before need of refueling)

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