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Miang Hawwa

Miang Hawwa

Age: 26
Gender: female
Birthplace: Etrenank, Solaris

Height: 172cm
Weight: 52kg
Measurements: 86x57x86
Clothing size: medium large
Shoe size: 24cm
Ring size: 10

Weapon: n/a
Gear: Proto Vierge, Opiomorph

Miang has infinite faces. She is both a program inplanted in Elly by Deus and a being made up of thousands upon thousands of different women and their memories. It can be argued that 'Miang' doesn't have a sense of self at all, and whatever personality she has was gained from the hosts she has occupied over the millenia. But after ten thousand years, Miang has finally began to break free of the restrictions of her program.

Her current incarnation, as we see it in the game, was a student that attended Jugend the same time as the Ex-Elements. That is probably where she met Ramsus. It seems that she was a member of the old Element group (after Jesiah or Ramsus were promoted, maybe?), but she stuck with Ramsus after the others left, and at the time of the game, she is ranked as a Solarian Guardian Angel. Formally (since I don't think that rank is highly publicized) she is Ramsus's aide, and informally she is his lover.

Miang's task in staying with Ramsus is to manipulate him into a certain emotional state, so he will be suitable for Krelian's purposes. Whether she truly loves him or not is up for debate, since her lines can be taken either way, but it's my opinion that she felt as much care for him as she was capable of. Unfortunately, her program is meant to revive Deus, not fall in love, so any feelings she had were doomed from the start.

Ultimately, her drive is to become a part of Elly again and revive God. The rest, you can see in the game.

Executioner "Executioner" is probably a disguise Miang has used during many lifetimes when she has dealings on the surface that require her to hide her identity - probably every time she works directly with Grahf. The game shows us that she uses this persona when in contact with Kislev. You could call it Solaris's "Angel of Death."

Karen Wong (Miang 0997)
Karen The incarnation of Miang prior to the one we see in the game just happened to be Fei's mother, Karen. This must have been an amazing stroke of luck on Miang's part, becuase her conversations with Krelian imply that they had searched for a Contact before and failed. She subjected Fei to devastating tests he was too young to withstand, and indirectly brought about the birth of Id. When Grahf came to collect Fei and Id awakened, Karen's will overpowered Miang's and she sacrificed herself to save her son. As far as I know, this is the only time Miang has been overcome by one of her hosts (not counting Elly). 'Karen' is also responsible for discarding Ramsus, and the cause of his insecurities in the game.

True Miang (Miang 0000/1000)
True Miang/Elly Before the "split," Miang and Elly were one being - in the same body. Elly was dominant when Zohar was, but after planetfall, True Miang came to the forefront and created Cain, before giving birth to her two different aspects ('Miang' and 'Elly') and passing away. From this point Elly and Miang pursued their different goals, but it isn't until they merge again that Deus can be reawakened. We see this happen on the Merkava, which is where the picture I've dubbed "Evil Elly" comes from. ^.^ So, True Miang (or True Elly) is both the first and last incarnation of both women.

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.