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Age: ?
Gender: female
Birthplace: unknown

Occupation: Water Element
Weapon: ether
Gear: Marinebasher

While not always very assertive, Kelvena seems to be the unspoken leader among the Elements, playing the role of quiet advisor to Dominia during their missions. She is employed by the Intelligence Bureau, leader among the forces associated with the element 'Water', and as such she has access to more knowledge/information than is exposed to the others -- including direct commands from the Ministry (or so it seemed - that's not a directly quoted fact).

As far as raw talents go, Kelvena is definitely far in the lead. Her ether potential is so great she is forced to keep her eyes closed in order to fully control it, though she is not blind, as most people seem to think. (Her eyes are open in battle.) This allows her greater concentration and control over her abilities and her emotions. Obviously, she would have to be calm and collected at all times, to keep such a strong ether talent under wraps.

In her Jugend days, Kel's life was moderately normal. She and Elly roomed together - like Hyuga and Sigurd, actually - and became very close friends, even when they were both set up to be chosen as Elements. (I didn't pick up any sense of rivalry, anyway.) Other than this, no previous connection with Ramsus was mentioned - she may have been Solarian-born, or just an upgraded Lamb taken into Jugend after some sort of test. She really takes after Shitan - she must have impressed Ramsus.

This profile is from our old mini-shrine. Some of the information used here is from a translation by ChibiAIDA. Thank you. ^_^

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.