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Heimdal is really sort of a loan from Bart's group - Shitan commandeered the gear during Gebler's raid on the pirate hideout, and just decided to keep using it, I guess. It has no weapon, but he hardly needs one.

Supposedly, this gear was resistant to other pilots, and Shitan was the first who could adequately control it. They don't go into detail about the difficulty they had, but according to an email I got (from WOlf99x, for lack of a name), one of the NPCs in the hangar says it was found along with Brigandier a few years before the game started. I don't remember, personally, but then, I also skip talking to NPCs a lot, so. ^.^

Heimdal is a reference to Norse mythology.
Pilot: Shitan

Height: 16.9 sharls
Weight (dry): 14.0 karn
Weight (equipped): 18.1 karn

Sub-Generator Torque: 390
Main Generator Coefficient: 4.6
Battery Life: 500 zeitle
Frame Durability: 230

Reaction Time: 230
Ether Induction: 38.4
Speed (ground): 250 repsol
Speed (air): 775 repsol
Weapon: installed vulcan gun

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