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Seraphita's gear was the fourth to be made, and it makes up the center torso on the G-Element gear. It's designed to work closely with Marinebasher - which is funny, considering they're opposites. ^_^ It takes the form of a lion -- or perhaps part griffon, as it has wings sprouting from its back. While with a higher ether count than most -- second to Kelvena's -- Seraphita's gear gets by mainly with physical attacks as well, though less so than her usual partner, Skyghene.

As the Element of Fire, Sera-chan is equipped with heat shielding and equipment that supports her abilities with fire. But Grandgrowl has good, solid physical attack power, and is likely to use claws or teeth to defeat enemies. Defense is equal in proportion to the other Elements' gears, meaning extremely good by the usual standards.

This gear was granted to her when she rose to the rank of Fire Element -- as I'm sure you've guessed!
Pilot: Seraphita

Height: 16.5 sharls
Weight (dry): 12.8 karn
Weight (equipped): 17.2 karn

Sub-Generator Torque: 500
Main Generator Coefficient: 4.2
Battery Life: 590 zeitle
Frame Durability: 230

Reaction Time: 0.9
Ether Induction: 56.8
Speed (ground): 260 repsol
Speed (air): 1080 repsol
Weapon: installed vulcan gun, heat web cannon

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