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Age: 525
Gender: male
Birthplace: Nimrod

Height: ?
Weight: ?
Measurements: ?
Clothing size: ?
Shoe size: ?
Ring size: ?

Weapon: none
Gear: Original Weltall, Alpha Weltall

Grahf is Lacan, Lacan is Grahf. (A cookie for whoever spots that reference. ^^) They are the same person in many ways, but after the death of his original body, Grahf became his own entity, still possessing the power of the Contact, but no longer his nature.

He came into being during Lacan's incomplete contact with Zohar after Sophia's death. He was probably very similar to Id at that time (and in the game his sprite is identical, which makes sense). Grahf awakened the Diablos and set them loose on the world, killed the Gazel Ministry (or at least most of them), and took out 96% of humanity before he was finally stopped. He may have been the one to kill Rene - how dramatic. Maybe that is what broke through his rage. ^.^

When Lacan's life ended after the war, Grahf did not die with him. He learned Miang's trick of transmigrating, and lived on in different bodies, biding his time until the next Contact and Anti-type made their appearance, and occasionally working with Krelian and Miang. When Id awakened within Fei, Grahf took the child under his wing, and also Kahn's body - so in a twisted way, Grahf became Fei's father.

There's more to him, of course, but the game expresses it much better.

Kahn Wong
Kahn Kahn is Fei's father, formerly in the service of Shevat. While his family lived safely in Shevat, Kahn was often away from home for long periods of time; he may have been a good father, but his work was too much of a distraction. He didn't notice the change in his wife or the damange to his son until it was too late. The fight that followed was his doom - Grahf overtook him.

At this point, he ceased to be himself, and instead became a combination of people - Kahn, Wiseman (his cover, under which he still served Shevat), and Grahf. What's interesting is that, even though 'Wiseman' is just his lucid moments, he's helping Shevat. Maybe Krelian is the only one who holds a grudge, but it just seems odd to me that any part of Grahf would allow that, control issues or not. ^^

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.