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Fei Fong Wong


Age: 18
Gender: male
Birthplace: unknown (Shevat?)

Height: 177cm
Weight: 67kg
Measurements: 97.5x72.5
Clothing size: medium
Shoe size: 27cm
Ring size: 15

Weapon: n/a
Gear: Weltall, Xenogears

Fei was born to Kahn and Karen Wong, who as far as I can tell were descended from Shevat or at least working for them, if not actually living there. His father was away on missions most of the time, so Fei was probably very close to his mother. That all changed when Miang awakened in Karen's body.

Fei sensed the change in his mother, but he didn't know what to make of it. He tried to tell his father, but Kahn wouldn't listen. This trend continued for years as Karen dragged Fei to Solaris's labs, where he was put through painful, probably terrifying tests that killed dozens of people. He created and tried to hide behind the persona of Id, and forced it to take all of the punishment. (Thus, Id only knows his mother as Miang, which is actually kind of interesting...)

By the time his father realized what was going on it was too late. Grahf came to retreive Fei, and the ensuing conflict ended when Fei freaked out and released his power, killing his mother and putting Id to the forefront. He remained that way until the destruction of Elru, when Kahn subdued him and created a new persona (the one we know from the game) over Id to lock him away. Fei was given into the care of Chief Lee in Lahan, and he remained there under Shitan's watchful eye until the beginning of the game.

The rest, you can learn by playing said game.

I really don't like Fei. I tried not to let it show in this profile, but I apologize to Fei fans who expected better. ^.^

Id (Present)
Id Id was the result of the trauma Fei endured as a child. He is defined by emotions like hate, resentment, and anger, because that is all he has ever experienced. He wants to destroy everything and kill everyone, and doesn't really consider much beyond that. Fei's memories of Lacan and his other past lives are kept hidden by Id, who is stronger than the personality Fei wears most of the time during the game. He is also known as the Demon of Elru.

Though they are not Id, Fei has two other personas: The Unnamed, and the Coward (his original persona). The Coward has some control over Id, while the unnamed is below him.

Lacan (500 years ago)
Lacan Lacan was born the same year as Elly in the remote area of Lahan. It's unclear whether the town was actually there (it wouldn't surprise me), but eventually he made his way to Nimrod and met Sophia when they were still children. They became friends, but they were seperated, and didn't meet again until Elly had become "Mother Sophia" in Nisan. His claim to fame was his artistic talent, and he was commissioned to paint a portrait of Sophia.

As the resident artist, Lacan was closer to Sophia than anyone else (with the possible exception of Krelian). He was in love with her, but he probably didn't have any idea that she was in love with him, and he was probably clueless about his friend's feelings as well. He comes off as a character very unfamiliar with his own emotions. Eventually, an injured Sophia forced him to face his feelings. But when Sophia died, Lacan was so distraught that he left Nisan to search for the legendary power of Zohar. This eventually led Lacan to become Grahf.

Kim Kasim (Zeboim)
Kim Kim was a scientist and doctor during the Zeboim era, probably employed by the government. He was cynical almost to a fault, and harbored a healthy disdain for humanity. (Which may just be a product of age - at twenty-eight, Kim is the oldest incarnation of Abel we see in the game. Not to say that twenty-eight is old...) When he found out that Elly was unable to have children, he created Emeralda to fill that void and give the world one perfect human being. The technology he used to accomplish this was salvaged from the Eldridge, but despite that, he is probably one of the most brilliant scientists the world of Xenogears has seen. (He's not as clueless as the rest of Abel's incarnations, either.)

When the government came to take Emeralda, Elly sacrificed herself to give him time to hide her away. We don't see his death, but it's likely he died soon after she did.

Abel (Year 0000)
Abel Fei's first incarnation was the sole survivor of the crash of the Eldridge (which makes him the only real human on the planet). Zohar contacted him on the ship and saw its chance to escape confinement; it created Elehayym to appease Abel's need for his mother, and when the ship fell to earth it protected him from harm. Eventually he met Elly and fell in love with her, and together they challenged Cain's new regime. When they confronted Cain and the Gazel, Elly sacrificed her life to save Abel's, and we can only assume that he died not long after that. (Because Cain killed Abel. Ha. Ha. ^^)

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.