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Crescens was constructed (or at least, designed) for Emeralda by Krelian, for the purpose of collecting further data on her abilities. This gear is also of the Vierge class, though its look is far removed from the gears Miang and Elly pilot. Emeralda interfaces with it flawlessly, probably even becomes a part of the gear when she uses it. Contrary to popular belief, Crescens likely wasn't meant to be an Omnigear - it stands well enough on its own.

Because of its light frame, Crescens is (in my experience) the fastest gear in the party. It is also one of the strongest, with or without special engines and generators. Unfortunately, her frame HP is also the lowest.

Crescens is a reference.
Pilot: Emeralda

Height: 15.4 sharls
Dry weight: 9.7 karn
Equipped: 13.3 karn

Sub-generator Torque: 450
Main generator Coefficient: 3.3
Battery life: 710 zeitle
Frame durability: 200

Reaction time: 1.0
Ether induction: 44
Speed (ground): 300 repsol
Speed (air): 1100 repsol
Weapon: Aerods (nanomachines)

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