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Bladegash is, true to Dominia's leader status, the main component of the G-Element gear. With extra structural help (becuase of the size of the normal gear), it comprises the legs, arms, and weapon for their merged form, and likely the head as well -- since it's Dominia we're talking about. ^_^

But this gear is unlike the others -- not only was it designed for strong physical and ether attacks, but also for battle speed. Bladegash is smaller in stature than the gears of the other Elements, and it's also rather slender, making for extreme agility and speed. And while it isn't that hard to lay a hit on the gear, it's armor rating is also fairly high; defeating this gear is not easy at all.

Although Dominia doesn't use much ether, the amplifier is on Bladegash's back -- normally along with the sword, I imagine. (Dominia uses her ether power to summon an energy-sword only on foot.) It supplies what few ether spells she does use within the gear -- mostly elemental enhancements for her primary weapon, the ether sword.

This gear was, of course, granted to Dominia when she was given the rank of Earth Element and became leader of the new group.

Pilot: Dominia

Height: 15.8 sharls
Weight (dry): 11.2 karn
Weight (equipped): 14.6 karn

Sub-Generator Torque: 400
Main Generator Coefficient: 4.5
Battery Life: 600 zeitle
Frame Durability: 250

Reaction Time: 0.9
Ether Induction: 55.4
Speed (ground): 270 repsol
Speed (air): 960 repsol
Weapon: installed vulcan gun, ether cannon, and a really huge ether sword!

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.