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Notes on Zeboim
by Thirdtwin

One more from TT.. I think that if you see the "tapes" in the Lighthouse basement, you'll see that one of the last images was that of nuclear weapons.  Therefore one could postulate that in the last stages of the war, one sides launched an unimaginable amount of nukes , killing off much of the life on the planet, mutating many of the organisms that were left, and turning the planet into an almost uninhabitable hunk of rock.  This makes sense in many ways, since this can explain 1)all the interesting lifeforms (from blue chickens and bearcows to the Mammoths on the Aquavy archipelago); 2) the fact that much of the Ignasian continent is desert; 3) the comment that one of the Gazel made, that the earth "was unclean land" possibly because of the radiation tainting the soil; and other examples that people may find but I haven't...TT

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