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Strategic Integrated Weapon System, Deus
by Zaron

Self sufficient, motivated assault system. Serregated into four subdivisions that allow parallel operations to maximize efficiency. Main body Deus handles production and resource gathering, Zohar handles energy supply, Kadamony interprets data, decides actions, manages system and develops advancements in evolution, and Merkava acts as the host body, transporting the system and being the arms(bearer of weapons) of the system.

All four parts can function independantly from each other as they possess intellect and will suffcient to carry out their tasks. Thus termination of the Deus system can only occur if all four components are destroyed, otherwise they will independantly activate recovery protocols.

Biological Weapon System, Deus

Main body is the final defense line that houses Kadamony and Zohar. While its organic core constantly undergoes 'improvements' from evolution commands by Kadamony, it does not participate in combat. Rather its main task is to absorb materials harvested from the environment to produce operational units as requested by Kadamony. Internal recycling is also handled by the Deus core.

Integrated units (systems that are part of Merkava or directly controlled by Kadamony) created do not have a will, but they contain slave drives that instinctively request energy from Zohar.

Independant units (such as 'free-willed' lifeforms created by Deus) possess slave drives, but usually have a built in limiter that can only be removed by Kadamony.

Phenomenon Conversion System, Zohar

Inexplicable infinite energy source that also has the ability to remotely transfer energy to slave drives contained in units created by the Deus core. It has a will in the sense that it will continually create energy and respond to requests from Deus modules.

Biological Electric Brain Kadamony

In order to ensure that the Deus System would have operational ability superior to 'alien' (those alienated from this society) enemies a number of problems had to be solved. First the most primal of all problems in warfare, becoming obsolete. Second, preventing technology or information from falling into the enemy's hands. Third, anticipability of the system, if it was predictable then it would be useless. Fourth, survivability, both its use as a weapon and the costs of creation and the invaluable Zohar Modifier requires that it is immortal or at least must opt to destroy the entire system rather then accepting capture.

No matter how fast its processors or how many factors the AI considered, eventually a redundant system would reveal its logical pattern. Also situations would arise in which quantification alone would be useless. Thus to complement the Anima 8th generation computers, free-willed biological Animus were created to handle indefinate problems. This solved the first three problems. Inherent creativity and adaptability would allow Deus to develop new tactics and armants as it progressed. Having all the information self-contained and original, the security of the system increased. A new problem arised, if it could act independantly and was self-aware, then it could not be controlled with any certainty.

There had to be a safeguard on the system, and so the Persona management system was introduced. Its functions were to control the Animus. As a side effect, Persona also increased the overall effciency of the system by also managing mudane functions of the Deus system (overriding instinctive commands, general maintanence as well as system performance assertion) and data structure (storage, distribution, sensory interpretation), leaving the processing and directive to the Anima and Animus.

If the Persona was simply a program, it was concieved that the Animus could outsmart it eventually and the second phase biological Persona was installed. Although aware and sentinent, the basic drive of the Persona is to ensure Deus's continued function and absolute assertion of the system as a Integrated Weapons Systems. This overrides all personal desire. The handicap to 'free-will' is unimportant as Persona is not intended to be a creative element.

Crash landing

Considered to be a soft landing relative to the other parts of Deus, nonetheless the biological component of Kadamony was damaged and without the Deus core repair was hopeless. Following the prime initiative to preserve the system, Animus designs a long term ressurection plan. Without the aid of all its Anima components, Kadamony is unable to compute the probability of its idea. Still it would not survive long, so project Genosis was initiated immediately.

First it had to replace itself, being the functional assurance of Deus, without which the system would become useless. Thus it spawned two Persona constructs and twelve Animus. Unexpectedly the Anti-type construct Elly was constructed under the will of Abel the sole survivor of the Eldbridge. Miang Hawaa was thus an incomplete Persona and her lack of total control over her charges the Animus confirms this. Persona B Cain was placed in charge of managing the replacement parts.

Persona A, Miang

Core control module Miang is created to prevent the Animus twelve from deterring from the efforts to reform Deus. Being in charge of an integral, yet independent part of Kadamony, the original Animus decided it would be best to plant the Animus factor and Miang factor into the crop of replacements should an uncertainty occur. Secondly she directs progression towards the best path to recovering Deus. She has safeguards against self termination, although survival instincts are ignored so long as other 'vessels' are avaliable.

4000 years ago, she undertook the first active role since conception for Cain's 'loyalty' to Deus had long been waning. Two developments forced her to purge the populace. First the numerous generations underwent mutations that made them unsuitable for the constitution of Deus. Second the development of the 'Mass Driver' would mean that soon the humans would conduct interplanetary movement. This could mean that the emigration would have the possibility of carrying away genes that were rare, making some repairs impossible. Drawing from the databanks of the Anima she recovered and possessed, the humans were given combat technology such as Gears and mobile Fortresses.

From that point on, she and the Animus created the Gazel ministry to forcefully direct evolution and progression towards the 'day of awakening'. First they created independant nations that they used to maintain populace quota by balancing their military strength. The Gazel ministry created Solaris and the Soylant System, but Cain began actively interferring. Cain appointed himself Emperor of Solaris and from that point on secretly aided the humans as far as he could.

500 years ago, the shadow manipulations of the world through Solaris was not enough for the Animus. Having possessed individuality through their biological vessels they hatched several emotions and egos over the length of time which they existed. Fearing that they would become nothing after being absorbed into the Deus System, they had before, to varying degrees attempted to rebel against Miang to no avail. Eventually Miang was forced to overtake some of Cain's tasks and through the generations of women the Persona element was weakened. They attempted to become independent of her by handing her over to Shevat, since they were inherently unable to supercede Miang. Indeed she had been altered from her original form and through the millena even came to gain a personality of sorts. Instead of the preservation of parts, she found them expendable now. Although new Animus from replacements would be impure her spite overrided the logic and patience of her original form. She tempted Lacan to the power of the Zohar modifier. Lacan's mind was shattered by the power, only his resentment and hatred remained coherent. Like the Kadamony components, he was able to release the limiters from the beings and thus unleashed the Diabolos. All twelve Animus were destroyed. Krelian met Miang and she decided that he would be a worthy Animus. The process of drawing out his loneliness and hatred, then subsequently leading him past the point of no return was a lengthy process, but successful. He revived the 8 members of the Gazel ministry in the Sol-900 for his own reasons.

Persona B, Cain

Disposable control module Cain was created to supplement Miang. His main task is to manage the population of organs. Ensuring that they are sufficiently prosperous in numbers, healthy and controlling them such that they do not break free of their fate to rebuild Deus.

The independant humans unknowing of their designated destiny proved difficult to control as they multiplied, so Cain began a project to create a religion to control them. It was not difficult to persuade their primitive minds and utilize their lack of science and fear of the unexplained. Abel was educated apart from the Deus system and thus spoke out against the lies preached by Cain. At the time Cain decided that slaying this 'intrusive' element would prove sufficient. Without foreknowledge he slew the serregate part of the Mother, Elly and seemingly removed any possibility of completing the original Persona.

Over the millena, Cain who was equipped with emotions and feelings, grew more attached to his charges and more alienated from Deus. Thus he allowed his rule to fail and gave the peoples freedom, the democracy as seen 4000 years ago. Miang was forced to step in where Cain decided to move back and after witnessing her cold, ruthless machinations, he decided to retake public power to protect the peoples.

Even though he 'felt' for the terrible welfare subjected to the seperated classes of peoples in the new 'system', he was inherently unable to act openly against them. At best he could reach a stale mate with his companions, neither side able to break the safeguards against harming the system. There was no hope, until the unsolvable problem of the Contact became evident. Lacan managed to destroy the Animus twelve, he was free from the limiters protecting the ressurection process. Perhaps the contact could free his people from their fate, if that was so, Cain would be willing to sacrifice himself.

Thus he utilizes his inherent 'control module' to prevent the Animus from using the key. Even as Ramsus was ready to strike him down after overriding his 'control module', Cain continued to attempt to reason with Miang and the Animus (including Krelian now). "The people should be allowed to decide their path..." (something like that)


8th generation super computers installed in the Kadamony system, paralled by the Animus. The pinnicle of computer engineering at the time of constructing Deus. Since the Kadamony could only function reasonably with these objects intact, their survival meant that the Deus system should undergo repair rather then termination. Later Kadamony allows the data within the Anima and the Anima themselves to be utilized by the replacements to both catalyze the recovery and further develop Deus's weapons systems. Seraph class constructs were a result of omnigear technology developed from older gear technology as the humans fought themselves.

Data obtained from the progression of humanity was likewise recorded into the Anima, for the base directive, evolve Deus was never abandoned. Kim's nanobot technology recovered by Krelian was one such important advancement.


12 Animus biological components were created to 'solve' indeterminate problems and evolve Deus. The Animus did not particpate quite as actively in populace management until the fall of the first civilization. Once given equal reign over the directives of the progression, they quickly utilized their creative minds. First an absolute control system had to be established, since Cain's 'free roaming' caused the collapse. Thus it was decided to watch over the politics of the world. The concepts of freedom had to exist to encourage breeding through the existance of 'hope'. It would be impossible to control the massive amounts of parts that would be required for their quota with their own strength.

Thus Solaris was established, although even it would be too difficult to maintain if they controlled all functions. A class distinction illusion was created, using the ancient pyramidal chain of command, they used one privallaged peoples to oppress another. Solaris was their hand in pulling the chains of the politics, as well as allowing them to direct the advancement of technology. To speed up the repairs of Deus, they created the Soylent System and the Key. Biological control agents were reinforced in all subjects, and with Solaris developing and spreading genetic materials, the matter was simple.

Eventually the Animus began attempts to liberate themselves from the absolute control of Miang, and since Cain cared little for them they felt favorable odds on their side. They couldn't kill Miang or Cain, but it would be sufficient to imprision Miang and ignore Cain. Perhaps their plans would have succeeded if the 'contact' did not exist. Outside of the control of the slave drive and limiters, he brought forth the defeat that slew the Gazel ministry.

Having lost their biological feelings and emotions, they lost their fear of losing their identity. Their thoughts on reuniting with Deus restrengthed and soon their successes and the catalyst Krelian brought Cain to become adament on siding with the humans.

Antitype Elly

The Waveform trapped in the Zohar Modifier made contact with the sole survivor of the Eldridge Fei. Temporarily free from the Deus System absolute assertion, the being devised the best solution for escaping Deus. Abel's will transmitted through the Zohar Modifier forced Kadamony to split Persona into Miang and the Antitype Elly. Second Kadamony placed Elly and Fei factors into the replacement genepool. If indeed the waveform is a god, then the gods are cruel.

Elly was the perfect compatible for Abel. Their genetic structure allowed the pass of memories of previous lives, subconciously at least. God's dictum was simple, the Deus system would have to continously attempt to remove the 'dangerous uncertainty' Abel from the system. Elly would undoubtly bar any such attempts. To complete itself Deus would have to reassimilate Elly, to kill Abel, it would have to kill Elly. Either way, Abel and Deus would create the motives to destroy the other. Whether to save Elly or avenge Elly, Abel would confront Deus, and given that they could equally draw upon Zohar, Abel would be the only being capable of defeating Deus. Coincidently, the wave existance also seems to have hexed Elly and Abel with a barren curse, they are never to have children (thus no reason to live on, hence kamikazi against Deus) until he is free.

Although she is a Persona constuct, Elly does not have the control modulus over the Deus System. Also, she is only 'reborn' whenever the contact is reborn, they come as a pair.


What use would a self evolving war machine be if it could not preserve its system or reach targets? Merkava is considered the ark carrying Deus, but in actuality it is the inorganic component of the Deus System. It houses the transport engines, as well as the shield generators and weapons array. Non-biological sensors and several support systems run within the breadth of the Merkava. To dismember the original Deus, Merkava was destroyed and the three components were seperated.

Rebuilding the inorganic body of Deus was less complicated then growing replacement parts, but still the mere magnitude of the vessel would be daunting. Krelian and Solaris presumably spend hundreds, if not more years constructing Merkava in their secret northern base.

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.