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The Nature of Chaos
by Wolf Hibiki

I am discussing my own theory about the nature of chaos, KOS-MOS, and the very how Xenosaga and Xenogears are truly related. Let me first state that most of this is my personal opinion and is based solely on how I viewed the information presented in the game. I will back up most of theories with the evidence from the games and my LIMITED knowledge of PW. If you see a mistake or would like to discuss my crackpot theories about these two wonderful games then feel free to email me.

Now my personal opinion about the mysterious boy called chaos is that he is connected to Wilhelm. One official picture for Xenosaga that has Shion and KOS-MOS embraced together, also has Wilhelm and chaos in the background which might be a hint to their connection. Also the game hints to this as well in the database files. Wilhelm’s profile mentions that Wilhelm, like chaos has almost no background information about them. Wilhelm seems to have a lot of exceptional help under his control. Virgil takes orders from Wilhelm’s assistant and he called chaos “boss” right after their battle. Both characters exhibit knowledge one would think they shouldn’t know, (although I will admit that is a rather weak argument in Wilhelm’s case…) But now you ask what the big deal is. Now we know that chaos is connected to the Zohar, because of Shion’s second dream and chaos’ personal conversation with Nephilim. Now I my theory is that chaos and Wilhelm are directly connected to the Wave Existence. Mind you, Wilhelm is only connected because of the above association with chaos, I could be wrong, Wilhelm could be working for chaos.

Chaos on the other hand has otherworldly powers and knowledge. The game also makes references to chaos hailing from a higher plain of existence. Now, I am not saying that chaos is the WE but rather his new errand boy. Whether chaos is a part of the WE personified or some poor wretch who got conned into helping the WE like Abel is still up for debate. The game shows that Nephilim has a connection to the Zohar, but in her conversation with chaos, I got the impression that she was taking orders from him.

So, now that we have all these people together, what are they trying to accomplish? I think that Wilhelm and chaos are trying to set up the accident with Deus on the Eldrige, or more importantly, Abel’s contact with the WE on the ship. Wilhelm mentions that he is in need of “Abel’s Ark” and Abel is seen in the ending to Xenosaga.

Where does Shion and KOS-MOS fit in all of this? Shion could be a number of things, perhaps she is the only one that can find Zohar on Miltia; or maybe she’s the one who instills a need for a “mother” in Abel. Hell, maybe I am putting too much thought into this and it is something as simple as being the key to KOS-MOS’s true awakening.

KOS-MOS is a different story, I am with a few fans in the belief that KOS-MOS is connected to Deus. Both are weapons with incredible and unimaginable power. And they do have that whole “Ye shall be as gods” connection. Maybe KOS-MOS is the core system to Deus and she was created as an android to gather real world battle data. Later she would have her mainframe removed and placed into Deus and be the basis for his “will”. What little humanity she learned could have been used as the basis for Miang and explain why she began to break free from her bonds. Mind you I only see a really vague connection between these two, mostly their protocol attitudes and secret desire to be free from those bonds. This theory also could explain the whole Citan and Jin debate since KOS-MOS knew of him and threw his genetic profile into the mix so that a pseudo Jin would appear.

Well. This is all I have for now. I’ll need to play through both games to come up with some more stuff on these theories. If you have questions, arguments, or comments feel free to ask.

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.