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Thoughts on Solaris
by Jack Rogers

I think that I can provide a little bit of information about the origin of Solaris. (it says in your chronology that you aren't sure where the actual space station came from) I'm pretty sure that it was left over from the Zeboim era. Remember how the people of the Zeboim era used underground cities to escape the destruction on the surface? I'm pretty sure that they also used flying cities to do the same. After the war wiped out almost all human life and technology, Emperor Cain and Miang held onto the space station, and used it as a home for all Solarians. I could be wrong on this, but I'm 95% sure of this information. Also, by the way, I'm almost positive that the Zeboim War was a constant conflict between all nations, not just between the "Abel" and the "Lambs". The game makes it seem that every nation suffered equally; it wasn't a racist issue. Thanks for your time!

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