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Gnosticism and the chaos Theory
by Shawn Russell

First some background: Gnosticism is based on Christianity, albeit, with a very eastern bent. Certain ancient scholars looked at the Old Testament and said "hmm. This almighty guy sure looks all sorts of nasty and stuff. Let’s come up with something different." (Paraphrasing of course)

So basically, they came up with this theory of the 'supreme godhead', or 'unmanifest absolute', a plane or layer of reality that is completely a type of energy. Example: imagine an ocean that has no shores, no bottom, no surface, and no creatures living in it; just eternal energy waves. Constantly in motion, yet not going anywhere, cause there's nowhere to go. This would be the 'wave existence'. Then these 'waves' aligned in a certain way to emanate/create a sentient manifestation or 'god' named Sophia (knowledge in Greek). This being existed in a plane separate and 'lower' than the 'godhead', and so she/it longed to return to the eternal peace of the 'unmanifest absolute'. In trying to do this, she accidentally created another being, the god of the Old Testament. The scholars called him/it the ‘demiurge’ (half-creator). His/its birth created the universe (big bang maybe?) and the world we know today. So the religion says. This is basically the theory of emanation, of everything descending through multiple layers of reality, till it gets to the basest of layers, the 'gross' reality, if you will. This is pretty much the creation theory of Gnostics

I think that the Unus Mundus Network is the 'unmanifest absolute' and that the Zohar is the portal to that plane. First, while I don't have immediate access to the game's database, I believe it says something about the U.M.N.'s ability to transfer messages over light-years. I mean look at our current Internet; it requires wires (fiber optic cables, whatever) to connect all the terminals together (I know about wireless internet, and I'm not to sure of how it works, but hear me out). I highly doubt they have cables connecting across light-years, so I assume they've discovered an infinitely faster way of transmitting energy. What would be faster than connecting to a plane that is completely made of energy waves? Also, Unus Mundus means 'One World' in Latin. That phrase brings t o my mind a sense of everything being connected, everything effecting and impacting everything else. That is a common theme in eastern religions, and is a central message in Gnosticism. In the beginning cinema, when the beam of light erupted from the Zohar, I think the U.M.N. (WE) was brought within closer contact to our lower plane of existence, allowing humans to manipulate that energy force in some respects (hence instantaneous communication across light years). Now, U-DO is the Demiurge, or false god, created through some accident involving an AI system and the U.M.N., according to ODM. Regarding Nephilim, I think she is the manifestation of Sophia, the mother god, which explains how she can appear in Shion's dreams and in KOS-MOS's encephalon.

Granted, It doesn't make sense in the corporeal/physical reality sense, but, since the game is dealing in religious/philosophical realities, it might be plausible. I mean, since X'Gears had a Gnostic viewpoint, X'Saga's main enemies are called Gnosis, the same creator is behind both of them, and the games are "spiritual brothers", why wouldn't there be some kind of connection to the creation myth?

In the pics it looked like chaos was wearing an assistants smock or uniform. So might not chaos be Mizrahi's missing assistant? If this is true, then he might have gained his powers during an experiment on the Zohar, possibly becoming a host for the WE, or at least ‘connected’. Also, if this is true, he most likely met Nephilim during this experiment. This would explain (in a roundabout way) why chaos was so concerned about Shion. If you remember, when seeing the Song of Nephilim for the first time, Shion has a flashback of seeing it on second Miltia. This signifies to me that she might have been experimented on during her childhood, possibly becoming the Y-data in the process.

If she was a part of Joachim Mizrahi's plans from the beginning, and chaos (obviously having a different name then) was his assistant, then chaos would know about her being 'vital' and would have possibly grown attached to her. Hence the concerned looks.

Now, Mizrahi was the founder of U-TIC, it states that much in the Database. After his death Margulis took over. What if during the whole Miltian conflict, chaos tried to escape Margulis, to protect Mizrahi’s secrets. Let’s say he succeeded, dyed his hair and joined Vector as Kevin. There he helped build KOS-MOS, possibly to continue Mizrahi’s plan; and fell in love with Shion. Wilhelm, thru the Compass of Order, knew all about chaos/Kevin, and so blackmailed him into installing the ‘black boxes’ in KOS-MOS. Ultimately, U-TIC tracked him down. Chaos/Kevin, seeing them as the lesser of two evils, tried to defy Wilhelm by giving the codes to U-T IC, unfortunately that backfired when KOS-MOS killed him.

Now for a slight tangent. In certain eastern religions, there is a theory regarding the 'multiplicity' of the soul. There are three parts, the 'Low Soul' or personality/knowledge; the 'Hungry Ghost' or the emotional/desire manifestation; and the 'High Soul' or life spark/cosmic energy. The theory states that upon death, the high soul returns to 'god' or the 'unmanifest absolute' or what have you, feeding the universe and then returning to give life to another being. This part of the soul has no connection to what most westerners think of as souls. No remnants of the dead persons' personality exist in this part.

The Hungry Ghost is the emotions and desires of the dead person. One example of this I could give is The Crow. He returned to wreck vengeance on his killers and to set things to rest. Another example is what we in the west commonly think of as ghosts. Basically they're emotional CD players set on repeat; continually acting out their past lives in a hopeless, inescapable loop.

The Low Soul is the most commonly known or theorized about. It would be the personality of the deceased, the knowledge and the experiences/memories of the being we all know as "I".

When chaos/Kevin died, he was trying to protect the girl he loved. Upon his death, the three parts split, the high soul going off to the 'unmanifest absolute', the hungry ghost and the low soul lingering around the body. Wilhelm collected the body, returning it to life and infusing the low soul to create Red Robe. The hungry ghost left to wander, eventually meeting Nephilim/Sophia and becoming chaos.

After he died, I believe Nephilim brought the chaos part back and infused him with some more of WE's power. Not his own body, of course, since this Red Robe territory, but a modification of a gnosis. This would explain some of chaos' abilities, like walking through walks and his power over the gnosis. He's not completely gnosis, however; he's somehow more complete, perhaps being given Nephilim’s (Sophia) knowledge made him more akin to an angel. That would mean that the gnosis are incomplete angels, searching for the final wisdom, aka the WE, through the portal of the Zohar. So, given this theory, chaos is connected to the Zohar, and that's why when he used his power to save KOS-MOS at the end of episode I, Wilhelm's Compass of Order spun around wildly, since I'm assuming that the compass is attuned to the Zohar, and chaos' power comes from beyond the Zohar.

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.