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The Destroyer of God
by Seraphim Ephyon

There are a few loose ends when it comes to the Contact’s relation to Deus’s reconstruction. To avoid misunderstandings, let me make a small summary of Deus’s elements:

Zohar Modifier: An energy generator that was left relatively unscratched by the Eldridge’s crash. It doesn’t really “create” energy, but it actually drains it from the Wave Dimension (Using the Wave Existence trapped within itself) and morphs it into Ether, Gear fuel, etc.

Biological Computer Kadamony: Originally the coordinator of Deus, which was heavily busted after the crash. It created Mother Persona (True Miang or Miang + Elly) to continue it’s job (Ensure Deus’s survival and evolution). If so, Mother would be the biological manifestation of Kadamony.

Anima Relics: 12 computers that were installed in Kadamony. They were the responsible for the recollection of data and the improvement of Deus’s systems. Basically they were in charge of telling Kadamony how to improve Deus.

Razael Tree: The data base of Deus, containing pretty much all it’s knowledge.

Mother Persona: See above.

Urobulous Ring: It’s not clear what exactly this is. Some say it’s the Miang factor that’s present on all women. Personally I suspect it’s the recollection of genes that are related to Deus (Limiters, Miang Factor, the Animus compatibility, Demi-human genes, etc). basically it’s all the differences that the humans from the game have from the “Normal humans” (Pre-Eldridge like Abel) had. It seems to be different for each person (Not everyone is an Animus and obviously, males don’t have the Miang factor or are at least unaffected by it).

Merkabah: Deus’s body. It’s the physical manifestation of Deus, it’s transport and also the main concentration of weaponry. An “Ark for God” if you want. Was totally or almost totally destroyed on the crash and later on reconstructed by Solaris.

-Info Summary-

Why exactly was an interplanetary invasion/colonization weapon on a civilian ship is not clear, but it’s mostly irrelevant for this explanation. The point is that Deus (Integrated and fully functional) took control of the Eldridge.

The Eldridge captain ordered an evacuation of the ship, though Deus used the Eldridge’s cannons (One of which would latter become FT. Jasper) to assassinate pretty much everyone who tried to escape. The Captain activated the ship’s self-destruct (Which Deus conveniently could not hack for some unknown reason).

Deus realized that he (Yes, I know machines don’t have a definite gender but it is refereed to as “God” not ”Goddess”) was pretty much screwed, so he decided to eject his parts to start a long-term reconstruction plan.

I believe this to be the point where young Abel comes into contact with the Zohar Modifier based on one simple fact: On the five-second animation which shows Abel’s Contact, Zohar is placed within a secured facility, which makes the idea of the contact taking place after the crash quite unreasonable, since Zohar was just surrounded by rocks after it’s landing.

The Wave Existence’s real only wish was to be freed from Zohar so it connected itself with Abel giving him some especial abilities like storing memories inside his introns ensuring reincarnation… oh, and those apocalyptic destructive powers too. This also had the effect of ensuring a duality within Zohar by using the child as a safe-lock, since from this point onwards both Deus and W.E. split their influence on the device between themselves. The Modifier rearranged it’s tasks, now beginning to supply any properly constructed device (Slave Generator) in the planet indiscriminately. It is of vital importance to note that neither Deus can shut off energy supply to enemy gears nor can W.E. stop the supply to Deus elements.

Eldridge crashed and almost everyone died.

Kadamony engineered Mother Persona to start the reconstruction program. Mother Persona already had a child in it’s womb when she was created. The child, Cain, had an accelerated growth implanted on him (Possibly the first alteration on human DNA, the first part of the Urobulous Ring) and a life-extending gene which would make him relatively eternal. Cain’s purpose was that to assist Mother on the reconstruction project and it is rumored that he was also designed to serve as a provisional Contact, as Abel’s clone. This is not confirmed but the biblical reference fits quite nicely, making them technically brothers.

Abel, whether it was due to W.E.’s intervention or any other unspoken means survived the crash relatively unscratched.

Wave Existence made real Abel’s greatest wish: See his mother (He was a little kid after all). Wave Existence, trough Zohar, contacted Kadamony, who contacted Mother… wait that came out a bit confusing. The point is that the Wave Existence hacked Kadamony and created a separate personality inside of Mother Persona.

Mother Persona was divided into two individuals: Miang, who was the part that obeyed Deus, and Ellehaym, the personality altered by Wave Existence. Originally, System Hawwa and Program Ellehaym where the names of two software components of Kadamony, later destined towards Mother’s separation.

“Miang” was meant to be the “overseer”, managing the resurrection from behind Cain’s shadow, while Ellehaym was meant as the “guide” serving as an aide for Cain in controlling the people. W.E. basically switched “control the people” for “protect the people”.

Elly’s appearance probably came out of Abel’s mind, which makes me curious as to why she looks like Abel’s sister. Elly somehow left Miang’s presence and contacted Abel.

The hastily grown Cain coupled with Miang and she gave birth to the 12 Animus (The Gazel Ministry) who would align with the 12 Anima Computers (Relics).

The also hastily grown and also immortal Animus coupled with Miang giving birth to the first “common” people on the planet. I hope some of them where women, otherwise Miang’s first incarnation would have been a really miserable one.

With the Gazel’s descendants, the planet began to be populated.

Miang realized that the entire Mother Persona (Miang+Elly) would be needed to fuse with Deus so she started looking for her.

Abel and Elly fell in love. Isn’t falling in love with someone who looks exactly like your mother (or sister) a little creepy?

Civilization started under Cain’s direct leadership, with Miang manipulating from the sidelines.

Abel and Elly rebelled against Cain’s rule. They didn’t like the fact that they treated humans like tools and challenged Cain. Cain went for the easy way out and declared hunting season on Abel’s ass.

Cain found Abel and launched an ether attack at him. Unfortunately, Elly was hit by it instead, starting the “Elly dies to save Contact” trend.

With Elly dead, Miang was unable to become complete, so she had no other choice but to wait until Elly reincarnated.

How does Elly reincarnate? I guess it’s trough storing information in the introns like Abel. After all, she also was affected by the Wave Existence.

The Contact’s reincarnation can be tricky to explain seeing as they never have descendants. My theory is that the Contact’s “soul” is transported by means of the Altered Phenomena (The basic energy from Wave Dimension) in a similar manner as Grahf’s transmigration until it locates an appropriate host body. Still, the fact that there were only four Contacts in ten thousand years raises some doubt towards this idea.

Abel’s destiny is uncertain, but he probably died right there with Elly at Cain’s hands (You know, Cain killed Abel)

During the next 5000 years Cain and the Gazel Ministry began creating a small sect of followers while the rest of the population lived in earth on the Zeboim civilization being controlled by Miang and Cain.

The events from now on aren’t that relevant for this analysis so I’ll list the most important stuff and jump directly to 9500 AC, the Solaris-Shevat post-war.

-Kim Kasim (Abel’s first reincarnation) develops Nanotechnology.
-Miang gives Zeboim knowledge on weaponry (Gears)
-Kim enters relations with the Ravine rebel group.
-Kim creates “Daughter” (Emeralda)
-Zeboim military, under Miang, attacks Kim’s lab after learning about Emeralda.
-Elly repeats the “Sacrificing herself to save Contact” trend
-A war and the resulting nuclear winter destroys Zeboim and leaves only a few survivors.

-The Holy empire of Solaris is officially created.

And now we jump to after the Solaris-Shevat war

After Sophia’s death (Again “Sacrificing herself to save Contact”) both Lacan (Abel’s second reincarnation) and Krelian lost it. Krelian made contact with Miang, learnt the truth about Deus and joined Solaris developing Kim’s Nanotechnology and all the other Lamb-controlling systems: Soylent, Ethos, and another add-on to the Urobulous ring: The Limiters.

Lacan went in search of power and found the Zohar Modifier. However, the Wave Existence rejected him (due to his heavily wrapped mind, possibly) but it still awakened his dormant powers, as well as drove him over the edge of madness. He renamed himself “Grahf”.

Grahf used Zohar’s power to transmigrate into other men just like a male version of Miang, ensuring his immortality as well as unlocking the memories of both Kim and Abel. He also recovered the technology used on Deus’ attack gears (Diabolos) and for the next 495 years he will be the only one in possession of it. His gear “Asah” also became aligned with one of the Anima Relics.

Solaris eventually defeated Grahf, destroying his body (Even though he obviously reincarnated into someone else). The war, though, had great costs: It not only caused Solaris great loses but the 12 Animus were assassinated. Krelian managed to manifest 8 of them inside the Sol-9000 computer, though they didn’t have bodies and thus couldn’t merge with Deus. The other 4 Gazel became lost forever. Also, several of the Anima Relics were taken from Solaris’s possession (Andvari’s Dan, Regulus’ Dinah, Fenrir’s Asher and Original Weltall’s Naphtali) while two others were still buried in the ancient ruins (El-Renmazuo and El-Stier’s Gad and Joseph).

Grahf managed to temporarily calm down his anger, as well as putting his goal of sending everyone straight to hell in the backburner for a while.

And now we jump to Fei’s birth

Fei Fong Wong, Abel’s third incarnation, was born on the year 9981 after the crash. Two or three years later, Miang took possession of Karen Wong’s body and submitted Fei to several tests to make sure that he was the Contact. A few years before, in 9975, Krelian had gotten sick of waiting for the Contact’s reincarnation, so he created a clone of emperor Cain who would serve as an artificial Contact; Code name: 0808191 Ramses, later named Kharan Ramsus.

Miang/Karen managed to fool Khan Wong so that he didn’t notice that she was putting his son trough hell, so she forced Fei into several experiments on the Solaris’s labs. It’s not clear what they were doing to him but they definitely caused Fei a tremendous amount of pain. As a result of this, Fei created an alternate personality to use him as a meat-shield, letting this personality take all the pain while Fei he enjoyed whatever happiness he could get. These were the not-so-merry first steps of our apocalyptic friend Id.

On 9985 Miang informed Krelian that her son was a positive Contact, so after a few heart-warming words to the semi-created but completely conscious Ramsus, they literally flushed him down the toilet. Ramsus had the same accelerated-growth gene that Cain had (He was his clone after all), so he managed to survive and hide in the slums for a while, until he began his ascension trough the army’s ranks... and you know the rest of the story. As a curious fact, Ramsus could be said to be Fei’s younger brother.

Fei wasn’t going to hold on for much longer. When Grahf attacked Fei’s house, probably in hopes to capture the Contact, Khan happened to be home and tried to defend his son. Grahf nearly killed him.

Fei, before the sight of his father being brutally injured and his mother being totally indifferent, finally snapped. At this point, “Fei” became known as “Coward” and retreated to the deepest reaches of his mind to forever dwell on his happy memories, thus giving “Id” total control over his body. That was bad in case you don’t know.

Id released the Contact’s power and assassinated Grahf, but he was unable to control his energy and almost got hit by his own attack. However, Karen overpowered Miang in the last second and jumped in front of him, thus taking the hit. Id’s hate-filled mind never registered his mother’s sacrifice, though.

Let me make something clear: Grahf and Id are NOT the same person. Fei is Lacan’s reincarnation (“Second Advent” as they said in Shevat) but Grahf was created when Sophia’s death damaged Lacan’s sanity, while Id was created when Miang screwed up Fei’s mind. Grahf and Id are not the same, they just were born under very similar circumstances

Grahf used his knowledge of the Diabolos and the basic design of his own Gear to create Weltall.

On 9996, Grahf lead Id to blow up Elru, which he did, earning the nickname “Demon of Elru”. However, Khan confronted o Grahf and SOMEHOW managed to put Id in some kind of stasis, giving him time to SOMEHOW overwrite his personality. The result was our heavily messed-up protagonist.

Still, the fight was too much and Khan became Grahf’s new host-body.

This is how Fei is divided when the game starts:

“Coward”: The original Fei, who doesn’t want to do anything but remember his happy times with his mom. He is dominant to all the other personalities. I believe “Coward” has more control over Id than the other way around, but since he DOESN’T want to come out, Id is left in charge.

“Id”: The hate-filled personality. He has control over every other personality (Thanks to Coward’s indifference). He also has all the memories of his previous incarnations, just like Grahf.

“Fei”: The personality who was overwritten on top of Id. Since he is inferior in comparison to Id and Coward, he doesn’t have any of the other’s memories or power.

“Unnamed”: This isn’t actually a personality but more like a key. He is inferior to everyone else and whoever controls him, controls the body. You could say Unnamed is the Fei’s body.

-End of the Summary-

With this extensive data on our hands, let’s start answering questions. Note that this is all a big-ass guess so feel free to correct me.

Q: What’s “Contact”?
A: The being that contacted the Wave Existence. In other words: Abel/Kim/Lacan/Fei.

Q: What’s Contact’s purpose?
A: To set Wave Existence free by destroying Deus. Thus the name “The Destroyer of God”.

Q: If Contact lives to destroy Deus, then why didn’t Miang just killed him as soon as possible?
A: Because they need him to revive Deus.

Q: Wasn’t his purpose to destroy Deus?
A: Okay this is the main point of confusion. Let me explain.

To revive, Deus needs his power source, so unless he’s willing to run on gasoline, he needs Zohar.

Zohar, even though it fulfills it’s duties to power up gears and ether power, is not totally under Deus’s control. For Deus to assimilate Zohar, he needs to have something that can merge with the “rebel” part of Zohar: Wave Existence. In other words, he needs some sort of “key” that helps him “Contact” Wave Existence.

Only Abel was a “Real” human, the other three contacts (Kim/Lacan/Fei) are Deus’s genetically altered humans (Which means they have the Urobulous ring). In that case, Deus would be able to use Contact as a bypass to merge with Wave Existence and regain total control over Zohar.

Q: Why couldn’t Grahf merge with Zohar then?
A: Grahf/Lacan never intended to serve Deus nor Wave existence, he just wanted to kill everyone. After Grahf/Lacan died, Grahf no longer was in control of a Contact’s body, he would have been unable to do it anyway. That is probably why he wanted to kidnap Fei, to transmigrate inside a Contact, but Id was too powerful for him to control.

Q: But Grahf/Khan managed to do it in the end, right?
A: There is a theory that Ether power is stored in the soul instead of the genes (So, for example, Miang has the same ether power regardless of whatever body she’s in). Remember that, whatever body he’s in, Grahf is still Lacan.

In the scene when Fei defeats Grahf, he gets rid of his anger and finally becomes “pure”. This way, it’s possible that Khan fused with Lacan’s soul to become a functional “key”.

Q: But why would Khan/Lacan want to help Deus revive?
A: Elly was under Deus’s control at that moment, so they needed to get Deus to show himself completely to rescue Elly, which he wasn’t going to do without being fully functional. Typical RPG-style inconvenience.

Q: Why didn’t Deus just shut down you Gears after it merged with Zohar?
A: Khan/Lacan released the safe lock W.E. had installed in Zohar to prevent it from merging, but it did not eliminate W.E. influence over the device. That thing still had a pseudo-God inside causing trouble.

And now, the big question:

Q: How on earth is Xenogears connected to all this?
A: Heaven knows.

Weltall was built by Grahf as a simple combat weapon, but it suffered an unexplained transformation under Zohar’s influence. Perfect Works has an entire section to describe it’s functions but the basic idea is that it replaced the Slave Generator with the Pilot himself. Trough Id’s connection with Zohar, Id-Weltall was given a constant and never-ending supply of energy, putting it on par with Omnigears. The remnant energy was expelled trough the back, as vaporous “wings”.

Zohar morphed the machine into a rather... biological contraption. This new Gear had an enormous potential, but the energy it gained from Id’s connection was insufficient and the overall performance was rather low.

After Fei’s awakening, the Gear’s systems were fully configured. Instead of sucking energy from Zohar, the perfected Contact served as a bypass trough the Path of the Sephiroth and into the Wave Dimension, feeding directly off the Phenomena Alteration Energy and acquiring an unmatched performance. The final product is a Gear of unidentified nature, with both biological and mechanical components, what might just be a consciousness and an engine that literally runs on God’s essence: The God Gear, Xenogears.

Whatever mechanism Xenogears had, it outmatched the Anima Relics and made it possible to emulate them while combined with nanomachines. This makes me think that Xenogears was the result of something, or more specifically, someone, merged with the machine.

Q: Why the heck did Solaris give Weltall to Kislev?
A: I’m guessing here, but they might have sent it to the surface to help it track down it’s master, AKA: The Contact. After all, Id-Weltall activated trough an Ether-triggered link with Id.

Q: So why did Gebler steal it if they were the ones that put it there?
A: I have no idea. Weltall was not going to find Fei while sitting pretty on Goliath Factory, but I still don’t get why Gebler didn’t just use Weltall themselves.

Q: Anything else?
A: I’m quite sure that damn thing has a brain. Xenogears explicitly acts on it’s own to save Fei from Grahf in the awakening scene. “What” is inside the Gear is unknown, but there’s clearly something.

--Somehow related questions—

Q: How could Cain’s clone (Ramsus) be a Contact?
A: Some people believe that Cain was created based on Abel’s structure (After Abel became Contact). In the Bible, Cain and Abel were brothers so it sort of makes sense.

Q: So why didn’t just Cain or Ramsus go to Zohar?
A: First of all, Ramsus was a PROJECT, it’s not certain if he could have worked, and it would have been foolish to risk Cain if they could get the actual Contact.

Second, after Diabolos Conflict, Cain became much more compassionate with the humans and tried to help them in any way possible. I’m pretty sure he knew Citan/Hyuuga was a traitor to Solaris, I even think he might have pushed him in that direction. This kindness sort of proves that there’s something genuinely human on him, probably courtesy of Abel.

Q: Then why did they keep Ramsus around?
A: After verifying Ramsus had some talent, they needed someone to align with the Anima Relic. Plus, “Only Cain can Kill Cain”, which means that the Gazel Ministry was aware of Cain’s betrayal to Deus and were planning on using Ramsus to kill him.

Q: What is the Urobulous Ring?
A: Krelian describes the Ring as “The conceptualized form of the intron which carries information that isn’t supposed to exist” and tells Elly that “This is how your intron looked like before your exon replacement”

The intron is the genetic factor that carries information about the evolution of a certain species. In the game, the intron is what stores the information of all the reincarnated characters like Contact, Ellehaym and Miang.

This Thesis/Analysis/Bunch of Gibberish was written by Seraphim Ephyon, with references from:

-Zaron’s “Strategic Integrated Weapon System, Deus” (A whole bunch of data about Deus that I already knew but needed to refresh)

If any of you don’t like me using this references, please E-Mail me to Seraphimephyon@hotmail.com Don’t worry about sending Spam mail, I check that account daily and delete almost everything but real messages.

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.