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The True Intentions of The Wave Existence
by Noman Nasir

First of all, let's start with the wave existence since the entire plot seems to revolve around him. Let's assume that the entity trapped inside the Zohar is God. If you think about it, without this entity or his power Deus wouldn't be able to function and thus humanity would never have come to exist in this world. In that sense the wave existence is indeed the god of the humans on this planet. Since the humans on the Eldridge were part of a race that created monstrous weapons like Deus, then we can assume that God felt that he had let those humans sin enough. So he instigated the destruction of the humans through Deus. He probably set things up so that Deus would crash into the nearby planet and then recreate the human race. However, this new race would be free of the violence that went on amongst their ancestors. Now you can argue that many wars and slaughters were taking place on the planet. However, at least this destruction was no where near that planetary destruction that the previous humans were capable of and were probably doing, which is implied by Deus' very existence. Anyway I don't think that Abel stumbled upon the Zohar by accident. This was all a part of the wave existence's master plan which was to first get Deus to recreate humanity and then to finish him of using the virtually immortal Contact (since he was destined to be constantly reincarnated until he would be able to complete his function as the slayer of god or should I say the slayer of the non Wave Existence components of God).

Food for thought: Fei truly was the champion of the Wave Existence and was the person who carried out his will, even if he wasn't aware of it. So what do we call the champion of God? I know most of you are thinking about Jesus. However, in Xenosaga 2 Wilhelm refers to chaos as Yeshuah a.k.a. Jesus Christ. If that's who chaos really is then there is only one other biblical figure I can associate Fei with. The figure is known as the 'Word of God'. I think his description is in the last pages of the bible; the part which talks about the Christian version of the apocalypse. Anyway, this guy is supposed to be a soldier dressed in white and rides a white horse and leads the army of God against the wrongdoers. In a sense this perfectly describes Fei. He is leading Bart, Citan, Emeralda, etc. under the guidance of the wave existence against the evil doers (Miang, Deus, etc.) and the white horse that he rides on can be interpreted as non other than Xenogears itself.

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.