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Where does Krelian get his wings from?
by Noman Nasir

This is a question that has been bugging me for quite a while.

We know that the ending FMV symbolizes a return to the garden of Eden theme. However, while Krelian chose to return to where God was, Fei and Elly chose to return to where the world was. In a way Krelian went all the way back to the beginning of time while Fei and Elly went back to the world to look on to their future.

Deus itself had made contact with the Zohar. So when it was destroyed, the divine essence that it gained from that encounter may have been gained by Krelian.

Another theory that I have is that Krelian was under Miang's influence. When Fei killed Urobolus he freed Krelian from her grasp. This was a pseudo baptism that allowed him to see the error of his ways. Once he was free the Wave Existence probably opted to let him have his wish and gave him wings in order to travel to where God was.

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