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Xenogears and Xenosaga Characters
by Morgan

The following is a theory as to the relationship between Xenosaga characters and Xenogears characters please excuse my grammar, or lack thereof.

First, a brief establishment on how I view Xenosaga. Xenosaga IS a prequel to Xenogears, in most respects. I've heard some say that it isn't because of a few minor descrepencys in the time line and in the game. This is the game as I see it and so far it is the only theory that satisfies me.

Now, lets address the first character in Xenosaga that appears to have nothing to do with Xenogears, KOS-MOS. I believe this character is essential to the creation of Deus. Early in Xenosaga we are witnessed to KOS-MOS absorbing the creatures known as gnosis. We are also witness to "Proto-Merkabah" doing the exact same thing. Merkabah, in Xenogears, was basically a holding unit for Deus. At the very least, it was apparent that Merkabah was essential to the revival of Deus. If that is so, then why couldn't something similar be responsible for his creation? Furthermore, Deus and the Gnosis have a similar attraction to the Zohar. I'm willing to bet that the Gnosis and Deus are one in the same. In Xenosaga, the final battle is with the gnosis that has been absorbed by and merged with "Proto-Merkabah." KOS-MOS is suggested as being a very advanced and very compact version of "Proto-Merkabah." KOS-MOS is also suggested to have some sort of divine power. It would seem very likely that KOS-MOS, a being with divine power and the ability to absorb gnosis might be the mother of, or in fact be Deus. However, something is missing, something to start the chain reaction that would create Deus through KOS-MOS.

v Albedo is most likely that something. He was the catalyst on "Proto-Merkabah" that caused the Gnosis to fuse with the reactor of "Proto-Merkabah" Albedo is referred to as the key that opens the door to Abel's ark. That ark obviously being the Eldridge. Deus is the reason the Eldridge is referred to in this way. So in order for the Eldridge to become Abel's ark, Deus must exist, otherwise it is just the Eldridge, nothing more.

The relationship between Shion Uzuki and Citan Uzuki is next to none. Or is it? In Xenogears, every human aside from Abel are creations of Deus. Supposedly, Deus can directly communicate with Miang and Cain. Now, Deus had to create these humans from something. KOS-MOS would no doubt have genetic information on it's creator, Shion, and thus so would Deus. KOS-MOS might also have genetic information on everyone that KOS-MOS has met. Shion's brother supposedly has a role in upcomming episodes, so it is most likely they do to. Thereby giving Deus the ability to recreate Shion, her brother or anyone she saw fit. Her brother looks identical to Citan. During Citan's early years as Hyuga in Solaris, it was pretty apparent that he was powerful. This was most likely because he was created by Deus or Deus had a more direct connection to his birth than others. Furthermore, Deus most likely had something to do with his chosing the name "Uzuki." Deus probably suggested it through telepathy, or through Cain. (This telepathic connection between Deus and Citan might also be responsible for his daughters telepathic abilities.) Why would Deus choose such a name though? My only answer for this would be, the mentor aspect of what Citan was going to do was similar to the mentor aspect of what Shion did. Eitherway, there is no clear cut answer as to why Citan chose his name to be "Uzuki" and it is too perfect for it to be a coincedence. Thousands of years after Shion's brother is born someone who looks exactly like Shion's brother would just happen to choose the name Uzuki, I think not. It is possible that Citan is merely a reincarnation of Shion's brother in a similar way that Fei is a reincarnation of Abel. However, the name and the fact that Abel's reincarnation happened because of contact with the Zohar, suggest otherwise.

Lastly the characters known as Wilhelm (I'm pretty sure that's his name, I've completely forgotten his name but he's the guy that is in that small office and he talks to people dressed entirely in red) bears a very strong resembelance to Ramsus. Ramsus is a clone of Cain. Most likely Cain was created based on genetic information gathered on Wilhelm. KOS-MOS most likely comes in to contact with Wilhelm at one point or another and gathers his genetic information as well. Wilhelm's information was probably chosen by Deus because of his apparent power. As opposed to just any other random guy.

I have yet to compare the other characters, and we still have three more games to go before all of the information is given to us. So this is just conjecture, but it's the only way I can make sense of this game being a prequel and connect it to the "Xeno" universe.

By Morgan
you can send your comments or theories to Morg207505@cox-internet.com I'd appreciate some feedback, just so long as it isn't "you spelled this wrong" , "this grammar thing is wrong" , or "you are so full of !@#$"

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.