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Thoughts on Krelian and His Actions
by E.S.

Notes: This person's mother also played/watched the game, hence the presence of her opinions -- now, I wish my mom would play the game! Talk about endless conversation possibilities!

Mom's thoughts:
She noticed a LOT of parallels between Krelian and (great, here come the religious controversy flames ^_-) Jesus.

Elly's comment that "Krelian loved people more than anyone else" = Krel loved humanity and Elly so much that he released her to be with Fei and the people = "For God so loved the world that he gave his only son". Also, on "I have committed so many sins": it parallels Christ's taking all the sins of the world and dying for them.

Finally, on Elly's "For all humanity's sake, there was no going back": just as in the crucifixion of Christ, there was no going back for Krelian, no matter how much he may have wanted to. He had no choice but to go on and become one with God.

She also had an idea about the image of the baby during Krel's part of the ending. Since babies are representative of innocence and the absence of sin, it could have represented the innocence that Krel lost in his quest to create god.

On Krel's being a two winged (not the Nisan one-winged) angel:
I'd say there are two ways to look at it. As a fanfic somewhere suggested, it could mean that Sophia's spirit was with him, even though she had to be with Fei. There's also the more depressing view: since Krel had to rely on no one but himself from the start (didn't PW say he grew up on his own after his mom died?), and no one but himself to trust for all 500 years after Nisan, you could take it to mean that even then, at the end, he had to fly on his own, alone. (Sigh. I have to say I felt sorry for the poor guy, being so in love with Elly, who is DESTINED to be with the contact... No matter what he did, he'd never be able to have her. ;_;)

This is... incredibly long. One more quick comment: one can look at a LOT of Krel's dialogue with Fei before the Urobolus battle as rationalization for coping with Sophia/Elly's loving Lacan/Fei, not him. ("There's no need to be troubled by the need for love, for this place is filled with the love of god."/"Humans are incapable of sharing limited 'things' and 'affections'.")

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.