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The Ending
by Patrick Miller

Krelian: When I first went through the ending I thought that Krelian had said,"The only one who can forgive me now is God"(silly me, but it does kinda fit). Anyway, i think maybe he was referring to himself, or rather the absence of himself. Right after that line he mentions all the sins he's committed and the blood on his hands so maybe he feels he is no longer himself.

Fei and Elly: Something that i think you left out on your Fei and Elly section is the fact that they're seemingly recurring destiny has been broken. During Fei's flashbacks the one thing that always shows up is that in all the lives that he and Elly had shared, the end always came when she sacrificed herself to save others. Sophia is an obvious example but it also occurs with Kim. In the flashback Kim is in the lab with Emeralda while Elly is lying motionless on the floor before the troops trying to get in. There is also the unexplained flashback in which Elly and Fei seem to be running from Emperor Cain and she is shot down. They're reoccurring tragedy ended when Fei went after her in Deus and finally had the power to change the outcome (Which i believe was part of the reason he possessed the power and memories of all his ancestors, kinda like a generational "Groundhog Day").

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