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The Ending
by Hayabusa

Krelian and Reincarnation:

As you had said, in the end Krelien pronounced "The only one who could have forgiven me.....is gone now." Well i think that he may have meant even if everyone else in the world would have forgiven him he could not forgive himself. He felt that he died with Sophia and that the it would not be posibble to forgive himself. Krelien was a good person then, kind and forgiving, but when Sophia had died he died so in essence he could not forgive himself. I just repeated the same thing like three times so i'll leave it at that.

On another note i feel that Fei and Elly would still be reincarnated because the power that the "WE" gave them was still a part of them and would still continue on in other lives. I also think that the "WE" would have wanted it like that so if in future times should it be harnessed again they would still be there to free it.

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