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More Eldridge Theories
by Thirdtwin

Abel awoke from the stasis pod and searched the wreckage of the Eldridge. he walked in its cavernous remains, searching for a way out.  through his travels, he happened upon a giant computer which was the Razael (although this was unknown to him at the time).  He accessed it with the slightest push of his Ether ability, and gained knowledge....

Meanwhile, the original Mother had given birth to a child whom she named Cain. Similar in genetic structure to Abel ( in fact, one could call him his "Brother" because of the astounding genetic  similarity), he too was granted with an accelerated growth rate throughout the early stages of life. Soon after the birth of the first, a strange sensation overcame the Mother...a sensation of two states of mind rising within her brain.  One would tell of the Mother's ultimate destiny, while the other told of a young man hidden in the remains of paradise, a youth whom she was beginning to take a liking to...

The gaining of Knowledge  was overwhelming for Abel.  The shock put him into an unconscious state.  when he awoke, he found himself floating to the remains of the Gear hangar, where he was placed into a Gear's cockpit.  Upon receiving Abel, the predominantly black Gear blasted out of the paradise, as "atonement" for the "sin"...

Three days later, the Mother saw a black streak rising into the twilight, and seeing it framed in space, called it Weltall. The Gear was named thus.  However, the sight of this Gear brought the schism in the mind of the Mother (which had begun since the coming of knowledge) into full light.  One half of her wanted to complete her mission, to return from paradise.  The other merely wanted to meet that youth that she had begun to love.  A grand struggle began there, with each half fighting the other, in order to control the Urobolus Ring in their systems (and ultimately, their destinies).  During this internal battle, the ring split, giving rise to two beings--Miang Hawwa the first, Elly the second.

The combination of all the exotic genetic factors in the this "Elly" resulted in the basis of the factor known as the "Urobolus Ring".

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.