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Eldridge Theories
by Thirdtwin

Hi! Thirdtwin here (disregard the given screen name--I am just utilizing it for a while until I get my e-mail account back, so don't give links to the address and don't e-mail me back...yet).  I have just been reading your "Spoiler" section, and it inspired me to submit a rogue letter stating my speculations on the Eldridge, etc.  This maay be inaccurate since I don't have access to the Perfect Works or any source pertaining to Xenogears and I beat the game some time ago (a certain number of months to be more precise), but I will try my best. Also, there may be some artistic license taken (just so you know), and does give some of my speculations concerning what happened on Earth that spawned this saga. One more thing: if this blurs too much to be taken seriouly as a rogue letter, then recreate it as a fanfic (even though i am e-mailing you; this might make it difficult to translate into whatever format you present your stories). Here goes:

The Eldridge is an interplanetary transport which is carrying Project DEM (Deus Ex Machina) away from Earth. The project is made up of three parts: the Deus weapon, a destructive biotechnological fusion of weaponry that is classified as an Xenotype Gear ranked Triple S class (which, at this time, is in a induced biococcon, the only thing thaat could contain it); Razael, its central computer core; and the Zohar Modifier, an experimental generator of tremendous energy whose mere existence causes disruptions in time-space far beyond those once thought possible.  The captain of this spacefaring vessel is Doctor Kahran Adamus, the original engineer of the DEM Project, and the one seeking penance for that accidental release of the Deus on an unnamed planet, and the subsequent cessation of all life on said planet. His wife, Janet Eva Gordonson, and daughter, Ellehayym, are aboard this craft.  Janet has a mutant factor (known as the "Miang" factor, after the scientist who discovered it) in her DNA which allows her to utilize Ether ability, mental manipulation, and mental transmigration (although her ability to use these techniques, and the existance of the techniques, are theoretical). Samples of her DNA, as well as many other types of DNA, can all be found in the Kadomony (the area where all things pertaining to science in the Eldridge can be found). Experimentation with various types of DNA, including the Miang factor DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and the DNA of Dr. Adamus himself have yielded the 'Contact'. Its unique combination of DNA could theoretically produce an Ether factor comparable to those gifted with the Miang factor, allow it to control and alter the function of Ether-dependent machinery, and give it the ability to transfer genetic memories. These abilites, however, come with a cost: the 'Contact' is known to be mentally unstable, and tests prove a genetic tendency toward multiple personality disorder.  The 'Contact' has a genetically programmed accelerated growth rate. Dr. Adamus names the Contact' Abel, & for the first time since the birth of his daughter, when the Accident occured ten years ago, Adamus seems happy.  Five years later, tests on Deus show that its technostrcture has begun to interface with that of Razael. This is cause for concern, since the biococcon in which it was sealed was supposed to isolate it from Razael perpetually. The scientists on the Eldridge work exhaustingly in order tofind a way to contain Deus more effectively.

The Awakening:
After much deliberation on the subject, Dr. Adamus has decided to dispose of Deus by releasing it onto a planet with no organisms living on it. He believes that he has located the perfect planet for it.  This planet, in the Omicron sector, Alpha-Omega subsector of space, is the fourth planet (out of nine) orbiting a yelow star similar to First Earth's sun.  He steers the ship to the sector, never knowing that Deus has accessed Razael's Tree, the memory banks of the Eldridge.  As the ship comes out of TWS(trans-warp space) Deus begins to achieve fusion with Razael. Within a matter of seconds, the newly unified Deus rewrites its prime directive and begins to access Zohar.  Only a minute passes before the triple unity is achieved, and the Eldridge is at the mercy of the completed Deus.

As the ship begins its final countdown, cycling up its TW cells in a final attempt to destroy Deus, the 'Contact' and his 'sister' are hoarded into the Kadomony.  They are sealed inside stasis pods and prepared for the imminent ejection, but none happens.  The TW cells could not be stopped once in the critical stages, so their power was redirected into the area where the Zohar was located. the Zohar was subsequently ejected, thereby ceacing the triple union.  The TW energy surge was powerful enough to cause a reaction with the Zohar, creating a warp in time-space whicch drew something from a higher dimension into the Zohar.  Meanwhile, the Deus weapon acted quickly.  Since it knew it was damaged from the surge, and would be further damaged by the irreversible crash landing, it sought to create "parts" for itself. These parts were the humans that it would spread its seed into, such that they could multiply unto themselves and ultimately become its body.  Therefore, it combined Ellehayym's DNA with Miang factor DNA, to which it had added its own. Then, because of an instability in energy control, it added mitochondrial DNA codenamed EVE (this was a collection of highly evolved mitochondria which could alter and control energy wavelengths).  Thus was born from Eve (in a sense, both the mitochondria added to her system and the name of her mother could attribute to this) the Mother.  Part of her was designated by Deus as the protector of humanity as the whole, and the leader to their destiny; the other part was human, and the protector of the human as an individual.  This was Original Elly, the conglomeration of the altered Miang factor and the daughter of Kahran Adamus and Janet Eva Gordon.  Deus ejected its new Mother toward the planet, where she would land, near the Zohar, and emerge with a son already forming in the womb...

Sorry that I haven't finished, but my mind is still trying to dig through the plot.  Don't let me know what you thought by e-mail--just post it [or not ;-)]. Thanks.

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.