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The Eldridge
by Paul

1.) Abel is lost on the Eldridge and tries to return to his mother, finds the Zohar Modifier, and inadvertently makes Contact with it. The -True Miang-, or Elhaym, is formed, remember the tripartite divison of Har?

2.) Crash of the Eldridge. The -True Miang- has changed form from the original, implying that Elhaym was intended as the original, Miang was not. Again, the double-replica theory.

3.) The 'Mother' forms Cain, and the Gazel Ministry, then tries to form a replica, Deus intervenes, and instead of forming Elhaym alone, Miang is also formed. Elhaym is left normal, Miang is presumedly given commands by Deus.

4.) Much later, Elhaym perishes, Abel's fate is unknown. Although if I had it my way I'd probably have him make a desperate stand in case she could still survive, and take down the original Miang before losing. Hmm, Fanfiction idea.

Other Commentary:

1.) Deus was probably stored aboard the Eldridge simply because it might pass by uninhabited planets, giving prime areas for dumping, plus, hiding it on a Colony Ship would be one of the best ways to keep people who might've wanted to reactivate the weapon from finding out and/or ambushing the 'Deposit Carrier'. Although that didn't do much good in reference to the weapon itself, as we know.

2.) I think Abel is the Eldridge Captain's son, considering what the mother, and daughter look like, and what the original 'Mother' looked like. Another possible theory is the change in hair color was due to the Urobolus Ring, present only in the 'Mother', thanks to Deus' influence, meaning Elhaym, and Miang, got it, but not Abel. Actually, that's probably correct, the Urobolus Ring was more or less the central core of the whole system: Yabeh with Deus as Nucleus, Deus with Zohar Modifier as Nucleus, Zohar Modifier with Biological Computer Kadomy (I'm sticking with that one until I Replay the Scene again) for Nucleus, and Biological Computer Kadomy with the 'Mother' at the center. I originally thought Urobolus had been constructed by Krelian, or his mind formed it, but putting together how Urobolus would have the powers of Deus, and the 'Mother', thus it could exist in the higher Dimension. Remember Grahf/Lacan's statement of "That 'woman' isn't just part of the system, she is the system's main body!" Urobolus was still active inside the two, or three, but couldn't do anything itself. It was all together, but was really just the 'blueprints' for the 'Mother' and the two replicas, not anything else.

3.) Also, notice the two 'Angel Hands' when fighting Deus. One is purple-haired, the other orange-blonde-haired.

4.) Possible Religious References: Yabeh as a possible twist on the Hebrew... I think you can fill in those blanks, and Deus, the 'Mother', and Abel form a trinity in terms of how Har's power is divided, in a way. What does that tell you?

Questions Unanswered: Where the Xenogears comes into this, was the Xenogears its original form, or did Weltall evolve when it made Contact with Har 10,000 Years later. Exactly how did the Anima Relics form.

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.